"Unknown Soldier: "Blood Is The Code"": American intelligence have since been able to broke the Japanese Purple Code and the enemy are unaware of that. However, they have recently learn that the Japanese are starting to become suspicious of their compromised c

Star-Spangled War Stories #160 is an issue of the series Star-Spangled War Stories (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1972.

Appearing in Unknown Soldier: "Blood Is The Code"

Featured Characters:




  • Lockheed P-38 Lightning
  • Mitsubishi G4M

Synopsis for Unknown Soldier: "Blood Is The Code"

American intelligence have since been able to broke the Japanese Purple Code and the enemy are unaware of that. However, they have recently learn that the Japanese are starting to become suspicious of their compromised codes. The Unknown Soldier is disguised as a Naval cryptographer, Lt. Commander T.E. Link, who is lost in the Pacific and left to be rescue by the Japaneses to give them the false sense of security that their codes are not compromised.

The Soldier is taken to an island prison where he allowed himself to be tortured by the Japanese commander Colonel Heji Funaga in order to make his cover more authentic. After the Soldier gave in, the Japanese cryptographers are pleased at what they believe their Purple Code remains unbroken. Funaga reward the Soldier protection and freedom to move inside the base. As a result, the Japanese transmit to all its naval stations that Japan's chief naval commander, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, will make his inspection tour.

On the next day, 18 April 1943, Yamamoto's plane is intercepted and shot down by American P-38 Lightnings. Funaga receives the news from Imperial Headquarters that he had been tricked and is demanded to be recalled in disgrace. He also found out that "Link" has vanished. Shamed for his failure, Funaga commits seppuku.

Meanwhile, the Unknown Soldier has fled to the far side of the island to be extracted.

Appearing in Lt. Steve Savage: :The Balloon Buster!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • General Talbot (First appearance)
  • Major Michaels (First appearance)


  • Luftstreitkräfte

Other Characters:

  • Larry Green (Only appearance; dies)
  • Nick Baker (Only appearance; dies)
  • Steven Savage, Sr. (Only appearance; dies)



Synopsis for Lt. Steve Savage: :The Balloon Buster!"

This story is reprinted from All-American Men of War #112.

Steve Savage grew up in Mustang River, Wyoming where his father taught him to become a consummate marksman. By the time his father was on his deathbed, he urge Steve to make himself to mean something. But without real schooling or trade, Steve worked a menial job at a general store. When two cowpoke began insulting Steve and his father, Steve angrily beat them up. Consequently, the local sheriff banished Savage from Mustang River.

When the United States entered World War I, Savage enlist in the Army Air Corps. However, Savage perform poorly during practice. But Savage insists that he would do better in an actual fight. His wish for combat is soon granted as German attack balloons and their escorts have taken the skies of Verdun and making any attack on the balloons virtual suicide.

As the Air Corps is short on pilots, Savage is reluctantly allow by Major Michaels to join on an air patrol with ace pilots Larry Green and Nick Baker. When the patrol spot the attack balloons, Savage break formation and single-handedly destroy the balloons while deftly avoiding German Fokkers and AA guns. Savage soon finds out that his actions has cause Baker and Green to be shot down. They had been fighting to cover Savage. Savage lands his plane and is able to recover his fellow pilots, whom he believes are injured but alive. He then fights his way back to base after losing his pursuers inside a cloud.

After landing, Savage is furiously reprimand by Michaels who tells him that Baker and Green are already dead. His disobedience has cost them their lives and Savage is threaten with court-martial. However, they are approach by General Talbot, who has come to congratulate Savage for his actions that was witnessed by observers, who refer him as the "Balloon Buster." So impressed that the General is putting Savage in for a DFC regardless of his disobedience, as the military is in need of fighting men like Savage. Savage has escape from a court-martial, but the deaths of his fellow pilots weighs heavily on him.

Appearing in "Combat Cool"




Synopsis for "Combat Cool"

This story is reprinted from Our Army at War #70.

Appearing in Medal of Honor: "Edward Michael"

Featured Characters:


  • Luftwaffe


  • Messerschmitt Bf 109
  • Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

Synopsis for Medal of Honor: "Edward Michael"

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