"The Survival Syndrome": October, 1943

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The Unknown Soldier

Star-Spangled War Stories #194 is an issue of the series Star-Spangled War Stories (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1975.

Appearing in "The Survival Syndrome"

Featured Characters:

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  • Conrad Vorst (Single appearance)
  • Hymie Brach (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Yvette (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "The Survival Syndrome"

October, 1943

The allied command sends the Unknown Soldier on another mission. He travels to Beaulieux, France and sets a trap for an unwary Nazi agent. Conrad Vorst, riding on his motorcycle, nearly collides with a steel wire stretched between two trees. However, he dismounts in time and attempts to cut the line. When he does so, he is electrocuted with several hundred watts of electricity. The Unknown Soldier comes out from behind some brush and takes Vorst's clothing. He then dons a mask, so as to resemble the agent in every way possible.

Now he is ready to march into the enemy's lair. He knows that the Nazis are maintaining a communications center somewhere in Beaulieux, but he does not know where. He arrives at an enemy bunker, but is surprised when his superior officers arrest him. Apparently, Vorst was a defector, fleeing the Nazi regime. Although they do not realize that their prisoner is in fact an impostor, they arrest him nonetheless.

The leader of the Nazi stronghold, General Hymie Brach meets with the French mayor of the territory. The Mayor pledges himself to the occupation and swears that he will do everything in his power to please his new masters. The mayor's daughter, Yvette, however is a spy for the Allied Command. She discovers that Conrad Vorst is actually the Unknown Soldier and helps him escape from his prison cell.

Yvette's father learns that Yvette is defying the Nazi occupation and turns her in. The Unknown Soldier attempts to rescue her, but cannot risk exposing his double identity. He is too late however, to stop a firing squad from shooting Yvette to death in cold blood.

Furious at the French mayor for sacrificing his own daughter, the Unknown Soldier disguises himself as General Brach and invites the mayor back to the command bunker. He takes him into a classified research center and leaves him to be discovered by the true General Brach. As predicted, General Brach arrives and discovers the mayor inside of the security zone. The room explodes with the sound of intense gunfire.

The Unknown Soldier sneaks away from the command center satisfied that he has avenged the death of the heroic Yvette.

Appearing in "The Siege of Zanzibar"

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Synopsis for "The Siege of Zanzibar"

Rear Admiral Harry Holdsworth Rawson invades the East African country of Zanzibar. The Sultan, Sa'id Khalid, tries valiantly to defend his palace walls, but fails. The siege begins promptly at 9:02 am and abruptly ends at 9:40 am, making it the shortest declared war in the history of naval warfare.



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