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The Star Rovers were an independent group of adventurers that consisted of Homer Gint - a sportsman and novelist, Karel Sorensen - a glamorous marksman, and Rick Purvis - an athletic playboy.


Upon first banding together, they enjoyed a modicum of friendly rivalry with one another. They each possessed their own space vessel and embroiled themselves in various threats across the Earth. They rarely worked in concert with one another, each one preferring to resolve a crisis in their own unique way. Invariably, Homer, Karel and Rick all believed that their personal solutions were the most sound, and they frequently compared their experiences with each other.

In one of their earliest adventures, the Star Rovers encountered an alien hunter known as a Loborilla on the planet, Zaddara. They then ventured to the world of Kalmoral in the Sirius system to investigate the disappearance of an alien culture. They discovered that a warlike species known as the Sorn had forced the native population into placing themselves in suspended animation underground.

A short time later, Karel, Homer and Rick reunited and began referring to themselves as the Star Rovers for the first time. They ventured to a floating space island known as Xanathar where they discovered that the sentient locale actually thrived on the energy produced from human competition. Xanathar was unwilling to let the Star Rovers leave it's environs, but Karel outsmarted the island by having her friends board her rented space vessel. Karel's ship was set to automatically return to it's point of origin after her rental time had expired.

One of the Star Rovers' strangest adventures involved the fabled Sword of Starhedron on the planet Adanalla. Upon making contact with the Sword, the Star Rovers instantly developed amnesia and did not know which world they originally hailed from. They traveled to Venus, Mars and Jupiter in the hopes of discovering their true home world. Their memories ultimately returned to them, and they freed the Sword of Starhedron from it's resting place.

Since then, the Star Rovers repelled an alien invasion of Earth, thus earning themselves Space-Hero Medals. They also fought up against perfect duplicates of themselves produced by the Great Brain of Lallikal, fought the Lizard Men of Akkradd, and traveled to a parallel dimension where the planet Earth did not exist.


  • It is unclear whether the Star Rovers existed in an alternate future reality of Earth-One or not. Further, it is unknown whether the Star Rovers' timeline survived the continuity reboot wrought by the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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