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Repository of the mental emotional spectrum energies of the concept of Love.


Repository of the mental emotional spectrum energies of the concept of Love.

The Central Power Battery is unique among the current corps of the galaxy, as it is made up of unique violet crystals in the shape of a giant lantern. The central focal point of energy is the crystallized bodies of two lovers. It is these relics of power that gives the power battery its energies.

It is the dying love between the two souls discovered in a Zamaron cave that the Zamarons believe will give way to undying love that will burn back the darkness and forever change the course of the universe.

Constantly charges the smaller Power Batteries which in turn charge about various individual Star Sapphire rings.

With few exceptions the Power Ring is limited to a 24 hour charge and must be recharged in the Power Battery on a daily basis.

The Central Power Battery is intense in its display of power, so much so as almost blinding the Guardians of the Universe on Oa. Even they cannot see the goings on at Zamaron, due to the cloak seemingly generated by the Battery. However, when the Black Lantern Rings descended upon Zamaron when the Sinestro Corps engaged the Star Sapphires, two of the rings reached the battery, pierced the crystal and reached the two ancient lovers, Khufu and Chay-Ara, resurrecting them to the cause of the Black Lanterns.

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