"Haunted Honeymoon": Stardate: 9000.0

Star Trek #51 is an issue of the series Star Trek (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1988.

Appearing in "Haunted Honeymoon"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Kobry "Moron"
  • Elizabeth Sherwood
  • Lieutenant Castille
  • Security officer Appel
  • Security officer Bloemker
  • Security officer Hazzard
  • Security officer Sterno




Synopsis for "Haunted Honeymoon"

Stardate: 9000.0
Konom and Nancy Bryce retire to their quarters to celebrate their honeymoon. Meanwhile, the Mentite, Lt. Castille, begins behaving strangely. Doctor McCoy becomes concerned, but Castille asserts that Mentites never get ill. This proves to be false however as Castille begins inadvertently projecting telepathic illusions across the ship. As the crew of the Enterprise scramble to understand what is happening, they all begin suffering from a shared hallucination. The bridge of the ship wavers and transforms into a giant door with a sign that reads, "Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here".



  • Pavel Chekov asserts that the practice of catching a bridal bouquet at a wedding is a Russian tradition.
  • In one hallucination, Kirk sees members of his command crew as characters from the Bloom County comic strip.
  • Sulu references an old gag that posits the question, "Are you a turtle?" This may be a reference to the motto used by the Ancient Order of Turtles, a drinking fraternity formed during World War II.

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