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      For the Teen Titan from Tamaran, see Koriand'r (New Earth).

Starfire is an alien resistance fighter. With her small band of rebels, she fights the Mygorg and the Lightning Lords on a far-off world.

On a nameless planet in a far away star system, a fair-skinned woman mated with a bronze-skinned male to produce a child – Starfire. Unable to raise the infant on their own, they handed her over to an alien known as Sookaroth – chieftain of the Mygorg. Mygorg raised Starfire in the Citadel of Mollachon for eighteen years, patiently waiting for the day when she would come of age, so that he could forcibly take her as his bride.

Eighteen years later, Starfire escaped from Sookaroth's stronghold to avoid her undesirable fate. Sookaroth sent guards to hunt and bring Starfire back to him. Starfire avoided most guards, but a couple of them cornered her inside the ruins of an ancient temple, where Starfire was rescued by a renegade human priest called Dagan. The two escaped from the Mygorg community and Dagan spent the next several months teaching Starfire hand-to-hand combat techniques and rudimentary weapons skills. Through Dagan, Starfire began to develop a sense of self-worth and independence. Before long, the two slowly began to fall in love.

Some time later, Sookaroth sent his Mygorg soldiers to track the priest and escaped slave down. Starfire escaped, but the soldiers captured Dagan and brought him back to the camp where he was slowly tortured to death.

The loss of her lover galvanized Starfire's will,[1] and she swore an oath to free all human slaves from the clutches of her former captors. She began to slowly develop a rebel army that accompanied her on raids against Mygorg strongholds.[2] Her first recruit was an aging priest named Anzus. Shortly thereafter, she aided in rescuing an addle-brained mute from a Mygorg pit-fighting arena. Bestowing upon him the uncomplimentary name of Thump, she came to regard him as one of her most loyal followers.

The Mygorg sent a slave-scout named Moonwatcher to find Starfire for them. Moonwatcher succeeded in fulfilling his masters' wishes, but quickly turned on his oppressors and joined Starfire's cause. Starfire eventually found and slew Sookaroth, but he was but one of many Mygorg who would soon fall before her blade.

Through the course of their crusade, Starfire learned about the Lightning Lords, an extinct society that once ruled her home world before the arrival of the Mygorg. She acquired a map that led to an ancient Lightning Lord Citadel, only to discover that it was now occupied by an evil sorceress named Lady Djinn. Lady Djinn had allied herself with the alien Yorg – a rival faction to the Mygorg.

The enemy forces captured Thump and brought him back to the Citadel. Starfire and her crew mounted a rescue expedition and broke inside the Citadel. They discovered a master computer system known as the Keeper – an artificial intelligence capable of wielding massive amounts of power. The Keeper system had been misused by Lady Djinn and now sought to betray her. It aided Starfire and helped her crew to escape Lady Djinn's clutches, before ultimately destroying her.

Following the downfall of Lady Djinn, Starfire and her rebels embarked upon a quest to find an ancient Lightning Lord artifact known as the Eye of Armageddon. The details surrounding this difficult mission have yet to be chronicled.

Details are sketchy, but Starfire may have been briefly imprisoned by a Jovian warlord known as Jarrko. It is said that two time-traveling super-heroes, both using the name Starman, rescued Starfire from Jarrko's clutches. As there are varying accounts relating to this incident, it remains inconclusive whether Starfire had any encounters with Jarrko or Starman.[3]




  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • In an interview with Back Issue magazine, David Michelinie revealed that the character that would become Starfire was originally called "Akanda". Michelinie said that he had intended the name to sound similar to "anaconda", but that the "more commercial" name Starfire was eventually settled upon.[4]
  • Although Starfire originated from another galaxy, it is possible that she hails from the Earth-One dimension.
  • Starfire is also known as the Siren of Sword and Science and the Wondrous Warrior.


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