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Quote1 They're the greatest heroes the world has ever seen, but they won't be the last, oh, no. Because there are other legacies of heroism waiting for a new generation to find, to take on, and rise up. For as much as evil has tried to destroy the Justice Society of America, it cannot. Nothing can. Quote2
The Shade (Richard Swift)

Frenemies - Chapter Thirteen: The Reckoning is an episode of season 3 of Stargirl. It premiered on December 7, 2022.

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  • This episode is the series finale of Stargirl.
  • In the epilogue of the series, there is a flashforward to a possible future of Earth-2 shows where the JSA members have become the greatest heroes of Earth and many of the series' characters joined the team at some point in the past.
    • By the ending of the episode, The Flash/Jay Garrick returns from the past to ask for the Shade's help.


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