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In a flashback set ten years ago on Christmas Eve, Stripesy comes to the aid of Starman in the midst of a fight between the Justice Society of America and the [[InjPilot is an episode of season 1 of Stargirl. It premiered on May 18, 2020.

Synopsis for "Pilot"

In a flashback set ten years ago on Christmas Eve, Stripesy comes to the aid of Starman in the midst of a fight between the Justice Society of America and the Injustice Society of America. He runs into the yard to see Wildcat's body on the floor and proceeds to the mansion where Doctor Mid-Nite tells Stripesy to run away before being consumed by Shade's darkness. Stripesy locates Starman fighting Brainwave, who demands him to run. He is then stabbed by Icicle. Stripesy grabs Starman and drives away with Solomon Grundy in close pursuit. They succeed in escaping, though Starman's injuries are too severe. Before passing, he asks Stripesy to ensure that the Starman and JSA legacies live on. Meanwhile, a young Courtney Whitmore waits for her father to arrive with a gift in hand.

In present day, fifteen-year-old Courtney Whitmore and her mother are preparing to move from Los Angeles into Blue Valley with her new stepfather, Pat Dugan, and his son, Mike. She says goodbye to her roommate, Mary Kramer, and the family make their way to Nebraska. Pat watches the delivery men move some of the boxes and takes over for them after seeing them mishandle one of the crates. The newly meshed family explore the town and find it unusually friendly. Courtney asks Pat why he decided to move to Blue Valley and he reveals that he's looking for something. Later during the night, Pat is in the basement looking through old JSA files whilst Courtney deals with the new changes in her life, taking comfort in looking at the stars in the sky. The next day, Pat drives Courtney to Blue Valley High School for her first day and tries to connect with her, relating to how he also had to deal with moving around when he was younger. He sees Courtney off and she tries to apply for the gymnastics team only to learn that it was shut down in lieu of budget cuts, frustrating her.

Pat arrives at his new auto parts store and meets Larry Crock who encourages Pat to refer to him as 'Crusher'. He offers to help train Pat at his nearby gym, Ripped City, but Pat politely refuses in order to focus on setting up the garage. Barbara, in the meantime, starts her new job at The American Dream, where her escort points to the two executives: CFO Steve Sharpe and councilman William Zarick.

Courtney meets Cindy Burman and her friends, who ask if she wants to hang out. She begins to give her number but Cindy explains that she already has it. Before leaving, she suggests to Courtney to try out cheer leading but she declines, making Cindy cold towards her. At the cafeteria, Courtney meets Paula Brooks and sits at a table alongside Rick Tyler, Beth Chapel and Yolanda Montez. Courtney tries to make nice but Beth is the only one to return the favour. Beth states that none of them are friends and that she's sitting in the 'losers table', to which Rick Tyler tell them to speak for themselves and walks off. School jock, Henry King, Jr., teases Yolanda for any new pictures of herself before Courtney stands up for her. Henry tries to take Yolanda's phone but Courtney knocks Henry into a cafeteria lady carrying food. The principal, Anaya Bowin, takes Courtney away and Cindy snaps at her in passing, stating that Henry's her boyfriend. Courtney receives detention and misses the bus, forcing her to walk. She notices a father and his daughter spending time together.

At home, Mike excitedly talks about his first day and Barbara encourages Courtney to talk about her first day. Pat joins in on the conversation but Courtney snaps at him and storms off to the basement. In there, she kicks a box belonging to Pat and picks up a photograph of him fishing. She initially dismisses it but notices a second photo underneath, one which depicts an image of the now-defunct Justice Society of America. In awe at this, she scours through Pat's belongings and finds other items, such as a signed photo from Starman showing him and Pat together, secret JSA files and more. She notices a bright glow from a box and opens it, discovering the Cosmic Staff. Seeing that it presumably has a life of its own, Courtney is haphazardly dragged by the staff across town as she tries to regain control over it. Pat enters the basement and notices the staff missing. Courtney finds herself crashing into the woods, where moviegoers are watching a film whilst being teased and annoyed by Henry, Travis and other bullies. Courtney tries to stop them by puncturing Henry's tires but is quickly spotted. The situation escalates when the staff once again has a mind of its own, causing Henry's car to explode. Courtney runs away with the staff back home and is confronted by Pat. She demands an explanation for everything and Pat confesses that he was once Stripesy, Starman's sidekick and an ally of the JSA. Courtney compares a vague photo of her father to Starman and is convinced that the hero might be her father, explaining why he never showed up the day the JSA were killed. Pat shuts the idea down, leading to Courtney confronting her mother about her father. This upsets Barbara and Courtney realises the sensitivity of the topic and so drops it before bidding her goodnight.

Within the home of the King family, Henry's father, Henry Sr., urges his son to recount his story of the mysterious person with the staff. Henry Sr. dismisses him and opens a secret room containing his Brainwave suit.

Courtney and Pat talk about the latter's time with the JSA and Starman whilst Henry Sr. calls Jordan Mahkent about the attack on his son, believing that a new Starman is in Blue Valley. Icicle orders Henry to stay put and ends the call. However, Henry ignores the order. Courtney is in bed when the staff acts up, causing Barbara to check in on her. The two talk and Barbara apologizes for their earlier conversation, to which Courtney assures her that she'll give Pat a chance and is sorry for the way she's been acting. Barbara is relieved and returns to bed. The staff reappears and directs Courtney outside, leading to her flying with the staff.

Courtney ungracefully lands and figures that the staff wishes to continue training together. She obliges and ends up running into flying tires whilst flying through the sky, causing her to crash once again. She picks herself up and is suddenly dragged across the floor by an invisible force. Afraid, Courtney runs to a nearby warehouse for help and runs into Brainwave, who uses his powers to interrogate her. He questions why she's thinking of her father but is cut short when the staff hits him at Courtney's behest. Brainwave swiftly recovers and telekinetically sends more tires at her direction. Courtney uses her gymnastic skills to evade them and accidentally unleashes a beam of light from the staff, causing an explosion which forces Brainwave to conjure a force field for protection.

An injured Courtney later frantically escapes the warehouse and runs into a massive robot. Terrified, Courtney backs away with the staff but hears Pat's voice from within, sternly telling her that she shouldn't touch the staff.

Appearing in "Pilot"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Artemis Crock (First appearance)
  • Principal Bowin (First appearance)
  • Charlotte Balogh (First appearance)
  • Isaac Bowin (First appearance)
  • Jenny Williams (First appearance)
  • Joey Zarick (First appearance)
  • Josh Hamman (First appearance)
  • Justice Society of America (Flashback only) (Disbands)
    • Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) (First appearance) (In a photograph only) (Cameo)
    • Doctor Mid-Nite (Charles McNider) (First appearance) (Dies in flashback) (Cameo)
    • The Flash (Jay Garrick) (First appearance) (In a photograph only) (Cameo)
    • Green Lantern (Alan Scott) (First appearance) (In a photograph only) (Cameo)
    • Hawkgirl (Shiera Sanders) (First appearance) (In a photograph only) (Cameo)
    • Hawkman (Carter Hall) (First appearance) (In a photograph only) (Cameo)
    • Hourman (Rex Tyler) (First appearance) (Dies in flashback) (Cameo)
    • Johnny Thunder (First appearance) (In a photograph only) (Cameo)
      • Thunderbolt (First appearance) (In a photograph only) (Cameo)
    • The Sandman (Wesley Dodds) (First appearance) (Appears only as a corpse) (Flashback only) (Cameo)
    • Starman/Star-Spangled Kid (Sylvester Pemberton) (First appearance) (Flashback only) (Apparent Death)
    • Wildcat (Ted Grant) (First appearance) (Dies in flashback)
  • Justin (First appearance)
  • Maggie Kramer (First appearance) (Flashback only)
  • Max the Dog (First appearance)
  • Merry Pemberton (First appearance) (In a photograph only) (Cameo)
  • Mrs. Patterson (First appearance)
  • Sam Kurtis (First appearance) (In a photograph only) (Cameo)
  • "Doctor Weerd" (Mentioned only)
  • Crazy Horse (Mentioned only)
  • Fred Astaire (Mentioned only)
  • Gerald Ford (Mentioned only)
  • Nick Nolte (Mentioned only)
  • Wade Boggs (Mentioned only)





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