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Starro is a mind-controlling alien kept in Superman's alien zoo in the Fortress of Solitude for years until it attacked and took control of him for a time.

A centuries-old, starfish-like being, Starro was the sole surviving member of its species. One day, as it basked on a rock, a spaceship appeared in the sky overhead. Having never seen such a thing in all its life, it never occurred to Starro to be afraid... until it was too late to flee. Beamed into an enclosure aboard the ship, it didn't take Starro long to realize its captor was a collector of living creatures from across the stars. Decades passed. Time and again, Starro attempted to escape, but simply lacked the strength to break free of its enclosure. Finally, the Preserver grew overconfident and attempted to capture a being he could not contain nor control, Superman.

When Superman defeated the Preserver, he had no way to return his fellow captives to their original homeworlds, so he moved them to a special section of his Fortress of Solitude. Though Starro was still little more than a prisoner, now it had the beginnings of a plan. It had seen Superman's strength and now desired it for its own. For decades, Starro bided its time, waiting for a day when Superman would lower his guard and become vulnerable to an attack.

This opportunity came years later when an unwitting Superman entered it's enclosure within the Fortress of Solitude to provide food for the imprisoned Starro. Taking advantage of Kal-El's kindness, Starro leaped across the pond in his enclosure, wrapping itself around Superman's face and taking over his mind before reviving him and slithering into his suit to attach itself to his chest.

Wasting little time Starro, masquerading as Superman, spent years cultivating an army of subordinates within the Fortress of Solitude. Its plan is eventually discovered, and thwarted, by the Justice League with the help of Batman who were investigating what they believed to be a Kal-El gone rogue, only to find Starro and it's army to be the cause behind Superman's errant behavior.

Starro's army attacks and gains control of the Justice League, but were unable to bypass the defences on Terry McGinnis' suit allowing him to escape and providing him with the knowledge that Starro is susceptible to electrical damage- a fact that helps Terry later free Superman who, in turn, frees the rest of the Justice League before imprisoning Starro and its army.

While Big Barda and Warhawk lobby for the destruction of the creatures, Superman refuses as it was not Starro's fault that it had been spirited away from it's own homeworld and held very much against it's will. Mareena, using her telepathy, discovers Starro's homeworld and with the help of Big Barda's Motherbox and Kai-Ro's Lantern constructs, Starro and it's army are returned to it's homeworld where they can live in peace and prosper with it's new population.




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