Quote1.png Foolish human! I am the new ruler of your world! I am--Starro the Conqueror! Quote2.png
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Starro was an interdimensional conqueror.

One day, he set out to conqueror Earth. Unfortunately, he first needed Earth to be submerged under water. He brainwashed a group of scientists to convert their bases to accelerate global warming and dressing up as pirates to scare people away. These antics caught the attention of the Super Friends. He tried to take over the Super Friends, with only Aquaman being strong enough to stop Starro's spawns. Arthur called upon the help of ocean creatures, using the effects Starro's machinations to call the sea stars' natural enemies so their instincts outweighed Starro's. Arthur then charged the conqueror to distract it while Green Lantern sucked out the salt to weaken the creature. Captured, Starro was taken to Oa by Superman.[1]






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