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Quote1.png Hear me, humans! You are witness to the arrival of greatness in your midst! Because of this, you are blessed! I am Starro! I have come among you-- To conquer!! Quote2.png
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Starro is a mind-controlling intergalactic starfish and leader of the Star Conquerors, its race of alien starfish. An intimidating, hulking monster itself, Starro has been a threat to Earth, as it has tried to conqueror it on multiple occasions, often acting as a planetary threat to the Justice League of America.

Early years

Over billions of years ago a lone Mother Star set its singular eye upon the world of Hatorei, inhabited by a pre-modern civilization who shared a natural psionic link throughout and between everyone on the planets entire population. Back then, the Star Conqueror were merely predatory beasts who would roam the cosmos enslaving whole species for the purpose of building nests to nurture and ingratiate their next queen, giving birth to a whole new Mother Star as the old ones would eventually pass on from old age.[1]

They would work the Hatorei to death as the years rolled by but in doing so, they tainted the natural hive mind the native species used to maintain their way of life. All of the collective bile, fear and resentment at their imprisonment would circulate around and between the last surviving members of the enslaved race. The last of whom being the younger brother of one whose final act of defiance would transfer their madness into the Starro's future master.

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Justice League

After searching billions of miles of space for a planet teeming with intelligent life, Starro made its way to Earth. It granted power to native starfish to serve as its deputies. Aquaman had learned of the plan and alerted the newly formed Justice League. One stole an atom bomb from a US Air Force plane in the Rocky Mountains and used it power to grow in size. Green Lantern managed to defeat it.

Another one was sent to Science City to secure the Hall of Science building, and absorb the scientific knowledge of its residents. Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter of the Justice League of America flew to Science City to combat Starro and rescue the captured scientists. After a tedious fight it too was transformed back to an ordinary starfish.

The third was sent to Happy Harbor, where it placed the entire town under a trance (except for Snapper Carr). Flash defeated that deputy. Nonetheless, Starro's initial goals were achieved, as the powers and knowledge the deputies had gained was channeled back to it. However, Flash discovered why Snapper was immune to the mind control: he was covered in garden lime. Figuring out the creature's weakness, they covered it in lime, rendering it motionless and stopping its first invasion of Earth.[2]


Later, Starro took control of L.E.G.I.O.N. and used their widespread galactic influence to further his goals towards dominating the universe.[3]

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  • Alien Physiology
    • Superhuman Strength: Although not as strong as Superman, Starro can lift several hundred tons.
    • Reproduction: Star conquerors can asexually reproduce countless miniature Starro's to latch onto and enslave the minds of planetary populaces in a brief amount of time.[4] The first of these alien entities could transform at least 3 ordinary Earth-based starfish into loyal duplicates of itself, as big in size as the original Starro. It is unknown if he can do the same with its starfish parasites. These duplicates are reverted to normal starfishes when given enough damage.[2]
      • By consuming enough protein, Starro can asexually generate small parasitic starfishes from its own body and command them to act in accordance with its will.[5] Although equipped with only limited mobility, Starro parasites can attach themselves to a victim's face or back of the head. The parasite clones with it's 5 limbs with one sharp claw on each tip end to support the parasite go into "siege mode" or tighten it's limbs or arms around the victim/host's face or back of the head or the location of the central nervous system, sometimes they will position themselves to hide underneath long hair before attachment. Starro's parasite clones will communicate telepathically to Starro when it has position itself correctly. As Starro will communicate telepathically back to the parasite clones latch It's central mouth to the brain or a body's central nervous system, subsequently taking control of both their mind and body. Sometimes, Starro's parasite clones will tell the victim/host to wear a hat or helmet to stay hidden on the superior or dominant race on any planet it's invading. A Starro parasite can maintain control over its victim/host for an extended period of time, forcing them to obey their every whim, even if it goes against the nature of the selected target. This ability only works so long as the parasite maintains physical contact with its victim. Once the parasite is removed, the victim regains control of their mind and motor function once again. The victim/host will have nausea, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, migraines, or heavy drowsiness.
    • Regeneration: Despite its immense resilience and energy absorption capabilities, Starro probes are still susceptible to physical injury if dealt enough damaging force. The larger Starros are capable of physiological regenesis in the likely event of suffering severe abrasion, possessing self-healing powerful enough to regrow itself from a fragment of the original body.[5]
    • Flight: A fully grown Starro is capable of wingless flight in both outer space and atmospheric environments.[2]
    • Mind Control: He can, besides control individual targets via his parasites, mentally influence a sizable crowd of ordinary humans with relative ease. [2]
      • Remote Mental Influence: Even without a Starro parasite directly controlling a host, The larger Starro can influence minds on a more indirect level by reaching out to the dreaming within the resting subconscious mind. Able to appropriate induced sleep within a host to ensnare them within its own wakeless fantasy allowing it to probe and assimilate the minds of countless potential vessels that it can then seed with a smaller Starro organism later on. The victim/host will have nausea, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, migraines, heavy drowsiness, or blackouts while awake from Starro's telepathically effects.[6]
    • Energy Absorption and Projection: Starro, both mini-clones and larger progenitor, can absorb energy and re-channel energy as powerful blasts of raw force.[5] Either directing it through the tip of each tentacle as well from its central eye at any given moment to make itself unpredictable with it's attacks.[7]
    • Invulnerability: A fully grown Starro is impervious to most conventional forms of attack. Any Gunfire, missiles, and similar weapons are ineffective against a Starro, including nuclear weapons. Starro will use it's energy absorption ability to defend itself from any of it's attackers to reverse channel the firepower back to it's enemies.
    • Decelerated Aging: Starro's race can reach millions of years.
    • Color Alteration: Starro can change the color of its skin to (presumably) any color of its choosing. It once changed its hue to yellow in order to fend off attacks by Green Lantern.
    • Terraforming: The much larger Starro' in the parasitic species roster can range to the size of planetary ocean bodies in scale. As an added quality these massive probes are capable of aggressively changing global ecosystems on a small or larger range such as alienating the whether patterns for offensive needs.[8]
    • Power Distribution: The Psions, after invasion by the Starro controlled L.E.G.I.O.N task force drones, experimented on some Star Conqueror's which decimated their homeworld. They remodeled a couple of it's lesser spores in order to make them work for the user and not the other-way around. They also bolster the natural abilities of the host user; making them tougher, stronger and amping any special powers they may possess.[9]


Adapt to any environment, rapidly produce parasite clones, and to eat/drain/absorb planet's magnetic energy and ocean life to surface life.


  • Vulnerabilities



  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • Starro the Conqueror was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Mike Sekowsky. The Starro species was further developed by writer Grant Morrison.
  • The biology of the Starro parasites is similar to, and predates, that of the Facehugger parasites seen in the 1979 movie, Alien and its corresponding sequels.



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