Starro's spores first appeared in a meteorite discovered by the Challengers of the Unknown on Dinosaur Island. Ever since, they and Starro's herald, The Faceless Hunter took control over various heroes across the globe. Among the first to fall was the entire city of Atlantis, including Aquaman. Over time, they continued to work, or destroy those who would be immune to Starro's powers such as Red Tornado.

Starro's main body finally appeared in Siege of Starro Part One, where he prepared to eat the captive populace inside a stadium. As Batman's team of leftover heroes: Firestorm, Booster Gold, Captain Marvel, and B'wana Beast managed to capture one of the enslaved heroes, Vixen, and develop a way to free the innocence. While Batman and B'wana Beast fought Faceless Hunter, the others evacuated the civilians. Realizing they need to switch over to heroic identities, Billy tried to become Captain Marvel. In doing so, the enchanted lightning bolt hit Starro instead. Using this, Firestorm flew Billy over the stadium where the boy shouted SHAZAM! over and over until Starro was subdued, freeing all of his captives, sans Aquaman.

During part 2, The Faceless Hunter used his new captive, B'wana Beast's power of Bio-Fusion to fuse Starro with his parasites, creating one massive beast. The creature was not only immune to the effects of Captain Marvel's magic, but also could absorb the life force out of anyone it came in direct contact with. Using the controls on the ship, Faceless Hunter ordered the Starro Beast to create a series of tuning forks across the planet, which would have created a planet destroying earthquake when enough were placed. Realizing the dangers, Batman had Booster Gold, the only hero available at the time, to get Dr. Magnus and the Metal Men, knowing they would be immune. However, Starro had long since foreseen this, had Magnus under his control, and to reprogram the Metal Men. After a brief battle, Magnus was freed, and the machines were restored. Despite their interferance, the Metal Men were outclassed, forcing them to become Alloy, their gigantic combined form.

Alloy's efforts were in vain as it became the final tuning fork for the Hunter's plan. At this time, Batman had defeated the Faceless Hunter, took control over the ship, and wanted B'wana Beast to control the creation. The results did work, but B'wana Beast burned up so much power he was vaporized trying to separate the monster.


  • Mind Control: Although equipped with only limited mobility, Starro parasites can attach themselves to a victim's face, whereupon they attack a body's central nervous system, subsequently taking control of both their mind and body. A Starro parasite can maintain control over its victim for an extended period of time, forcing them to obey their every whim, even if it goes against the nature of the selected target. This ability only works so long as the parasite maintains physical contact with its victim. Once the parasite is removed, the victim regains control of their mind and motor function.



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