"An Unearthly Child": When Virgil's mom enters his room, Virgil acts fast by covering himself up with a blanket. Virgil's mom demands to know where Virgil has been but he remains tight lipped. Virgil's mom adds another two weeks to his punishment and promises to have his window locked with lock

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When Virgil's mom enters his room, Virgil acts fast by covering himself up with a blanket. Virgil's mom demands to know where Virgil has been but he remains tight lipped. Virgil's mom adds another two weeks to his punishment and promises to have his window locked with lock that she will have installed but it will come out of Virgil's allowance.

The next morning, Virgil meets with his friends and later puts on his Static suit to save a couple of drunk drivers that caused a car accident. Static heads home and enters his bedroom through his window again but this time someone new surprises him. A young girl named Hyacinth is the daughter of a co worker that asked Virgil's mom for a favor. Sharon was supposed to babysit the girl but she went out and left her obligations for Virgil. The young girl was awestruck when she saw Virgil was Static.

Static asks the young girl to keep his secret because if his identity was revealed then others would be hurt. The young girl agrees if Static plays a game with her. Outside Virgil's home, a parked van with three suspicious characters watch as Sharon Hawkins walks down the street away from her home. Virgil gets irritated when the young girl beats him every time at Chute and Ladders. Virgil's mom comes home and starts making dinner as Virgil tries to beat the little girl with a game of Trivial Pursuit.

All of a sudden, the three characters from the parked van break into the Hawkins home. All three individuals were clad in different colored suits. The one man in a blue suit claims they know who Virgil Hawkins is and what he can do. The one character in the yellow suit picks up the little girl with his telekinetic abilities while the other trespasser in the red suit unleashes a flash of fire in the living room. The little girl enters the arms of her yellow captor and waves Static goodbye because she intends to rob a bank.

Virgil is confused that he isn't the target and what their relation is with the little girl. Virgil's mom comes to the girl's aid with a frying pan in her hand but the yellow trespasser uses his telekinetic ability to deflect Virgil's mom across the room. Virgil grabs his mother and tells her to call the police while he goes after the trespassers. The trespasser in the blue suit introduces himself as Jump while the other two are Run and Burn.

Jump tells Static that they will go peacefully so long as the girl accompanies them. Static grabs the girl and Run telepathically tells Static that Capers Incorporated will be infamous come tomorrow's headlines. Run uses his telekinetic ability to snatch the girl one more time and Jump drives away. Static goes after the van and attempts to stall it by draining the charge from the van's battery. Burn pops open a side door from the van and unleashes a flame blast at Static.

Virigl looses sight of the van and heads home to regroup his thoughts but not before removing his Static suit. Virgil's mom and his sister Sharon were waiting for Virgil back at the house. Virgil's mom is concerned that Virgil's nightly escapades maybe bringing the wrong element into the Hawkins household like the drug dealer Larry whom Virgil had contended with (Issue 30).

Virgil's mom sends Virgil to his room and told him to wait until his father got home because she wanted the two of them to go to the police station to give a statement. Virgil slips out of his room through the window in order to find Hyacinth. The three kidnappers and Hyacinth arrive at the First Bankorp which is the City of Dakota's biggest private concern because Alva Technologies uses it for their payroll.

By this time, Edwin Alva is dead but the three kidnappers intend to steal what's left of Alva's fortune. An alarm goes off and Run telepathically tells Hyacinth shut it off. Hyacinth refuses at first until Run threatens the life of the little girl's parents. Hyacinth concedes to their demands and gives them the passcode to shut off the alarm. Run deactivates the alarm and a secret hallway opens up. Jump takes a precaution by throwing a chair into the hallway where a high intensity laser field destroys the chair.

Virgil arrives on the scene and creates a his Arc of Triumph


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