After relocating to Jersey City, Irons redesigned his armor.


After relocating to Jersey City, Irons redesigned his armor.


  • Durability: The mark III was less durable than its predecessors, a concession made for better maneuverability.[1] While providing significant resistance to damage, it relies more on an inertial dampening field and limits thick armor to vital areas.[2]
  • Superhuman Strength: It increased the strength of the wearer to the point of being able to lifting 70 Tons.[3]
  • Flight: It could provide flight based on one of two methods. The first was from thrusters housed in the boots. The second was the ability to generate a limited anti-gravitational field.
  • Computerized Control Systems: It had an on-board limited artificial intelligence that coordinated most of the armors systems and fed information to the wearer. The control system also allowed the armor a degree of autonomous function. This included responding to the wearer either summoning or dismissing the armor.[4]
    The control system also operated as a firewall, preventing external forces from taking control of the armor. This function extended to the wearer vie the cybernetic interface preventing mind control. An extension of this function was that the system could analyze and control computer systems it was linked to.
  • Sensor System: The armor was designed to mimic Superman's vision and hearing. It was able to perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum and an expanded range of sound frequencies. In addition it had radiation and movement detectors.
  • Energy System: While its main power source was an array of solar cells, it was also able to absorb heat and electricity to replenish its energy reserves.
  • Life Support: It had internal reserves of water, energy, and air. It was also equipped with a filtration/recycling system and a system to control its internal temperature.


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