Quote1.png Run, Matthew! Go for the trees! Ta... take Nicole and go! I... I'll try... and give you... some time! I... I'm finished, son! I've done... all I can... Just do as I say, Matt... please. I'm counting on you, boy. Protect your sister! Quote2.png
Stephen Callahan src

Stephen Callahan, codename Wraparound, was a member of the elite military unit known as Team 7. During the 1970's, he was one of America's top black ops commandos. He was exposed to the Gen-Factor, which gave his entire team psychic powers.



Callahan went on the run with his wife and children. They were hunted down by a squad of Black Razors, told to take only Matthew and Nicole alive. Rachel was shot in the back while running away. He told his children to escape, while he killed several of the gunmen. Despite these efforts, a sniper shot him in the head and they abducted Matthew and Nicole.[1]


Callahan's children would all grow up with super-powers. Matthew and Nicole would become Threshold and Bliss, working for I.O. under Ivana Baiul. Sarah Rainmaker would grow up to become Rainmaker as a member of Gen 13.





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