Mister Pharmacist was a member of the Establishment.

A brilliant and gifted mind from early on, Stephen Chandra excelled in just about every academic endeavor he attempted. He had aced his A levels while a mere child and had entered college about ten years later. In 1992 he had deduced the "snowflake" shape of the multiverse and had begun to create a biological version of the computer created by Axel Brass within his own brain. Unfortunately the effects of the experiment caused him neurological damage and left him at death's door a mere three years later. It was then that the sentient universe known as "Aleph" contacted him. A deal was struck in which Chandra's body would be repaired and improved upon and in return Aleph would reside in his brain, experiencing life through Chandra.

He took part in the operation against the Daemonite invasion at Hobb's Bay, and the subsequent battle over London, which resulted in the Establishment's existence becoming known to the public, against his better judgment.

The group soon met the astronauts returning from a mission to Venus in the 1950s, but these turned out to be artificial recreations of the astronauts, created by the organic nanite Venusians, who then burst open into a constantly growing swarm, adapting all matter they came across. Sensing him as a threat, the Venusians incapacitated Mister Pharmacist as soon as they made themselves known, infecting him with some of their number. Aleph soon managed to create anti-bodies capable of fighting the Venusians, allowing Mister Pharmacist to face and eradicate the Venusians on Earth. The Establishment then used their technology to saturation bomb Venus with the anti-bodies, wiping out all Venusians, or so they believed (a few of those on Earth had been acquired by Dr. Orwell).

The Establishment were later requested by the Russian government for help battling an outbreak of zombies. They discovered that Russian scientists had traveled to Dead Space, and creatures from there had begun traveling to Earth. They managed to close the portal.

When they returned to Nowhere, they were met by Mother, the creator of Nowhere. He warned them that his brother, Dr. Orwell, was traveling to the end of the universe, intending to replace Metavac. The Establishment accompanied him, but when they reached the end of the universe, they discovered that Dr. Orwell had been replaced in his own scheme by the Venusians, who proceeded to try and destroy Metavac. While unable to defeat them alone, the Establishment bought time for Charlie Arrows to contact Metavac, and protect it from the Venusians. Mister Pharmacist presumably died at the end of the universe. Though few members of the Establishment had made their reappearance during the World's End and Mister Pharmacist's status remains unknown.


Dual Synergy: Stephen shares his mind with a sentient universe known as "Aleph". They entered into a bargin where Aleph would heal and improve upon Stephens body. In return Aleph would reside in Stephens brain and experience life through him.

  • Multipurpose Enhancements: Stephens fingers all end in syringes, which they have been shown to utilize to a variety of effects including diagnostic and healing abilities.
  • Singularity Generation: ability to create small singularities.
  • Energy Generation: ability to emit enormous amounts of energy.


Genius-Level Intellect: Stephen was born a child prodigy in the most literal sense of the word. He achieved high grades on every academic endeavor he ever attempted. He even entered college at age 10.


Power Output: Because of the massive damage inflicted on his surroundings and beings, Stephen rarely if ever uses his power over singularities and energy.



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