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Steve Mandragora was a hit man who used to work for Franco Bertinelli, a mob boss, until he turned on him. Killing Franco and his wife, Mandragora did not know that Franco's daughter Helena was hiding in a nearby closet where she saw and heard everything, sparking her desire for revenge by becoming the heroine known as the Huntress.

Years later, while he was under protective custody with Justice League members Green Arrow and Black Canary serving as his bodyguards, Mandragora set up an arrangement between him and his previously kidnapped son, saying it took him months to negotiate. Huntress came after Mandragora and almost killed him until she saw his son. Not willing to kill Mandragora in front of his son and take away a little boy's father, Huntress ultimately let Mandragora go, but not before dropping a load of steel girders on top of him. Mandragora was arrested and taken to jail soon after.



  • Steve Mandragora is based on the main DC Universe villain character Tobias Whale, not the Sicilian crime lord Stefano Mandragora. He is retconned to be the father of the character known originally only as "The Albino/Edgar" of the Brain Trust.
  • Mandragora's albinism is apparently genetic. His son has the same complexion that he does.



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