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Quote1.png Mr. Shin taught me how to use my powers. And then he tried to kill me. Quote2.png
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Doctor Shin was a marine biologist obsessed with Atlantis.

Back in the past, Stephen Shin was a friend of Tom Curry and a young Arthur Curry. He helped the young Arthur develop his powers. But later, Stephen turned on Aquaman and tried to kill him because he wouldn't reveal the location of Atlantis to him. Years later, Aquaman and his wife Mera meet with Stephen because they need his help. Stephen identify where the monsters, which attacked many people, came from. After he told Aquaman everything he knows, Stephen ask Aquaman to keep the body of the monster but Aquaman doesn't allow it. Stephen became angry but Aquaman and Mera left him with the words that he can be a dangerous man but he's a sad one, just right now.[1]


  • Doctor Shin knows more about Aquaman and Atlantis than any other surface dweller on earth.[2]