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Master Sergeant Stephen Trevor was an intelligence officer of United States Army Air Corps who fought in World War II.[1]

Year One (1940)

After a vicious battle over the Mediterranean, SGT Stephen Trevor becomes stranded on the island of Themyscira where he is taken prisoner by the Amazons. Queen Hippolyta sentences Steve to death. But instead, her daughter Diana rescues Steve, with the assistance of Princess Mera of Atlantis. Together, the three leave Themyscira and travel to the outside world to assist in the vicious war taking place around the world.

Year Two (1941)

After the Battle of Britain, Steve accompanies Wonder Woman and Supergirl to the Island of Cocytus, where Wonder Woman tries to sooth Supergirl's grief over the loss of her sister, Stargirl. After recovering, Supergirl chooses to go back to Russia and rescue her captive father. Wonder Woman sends Steve with her to guide her.

Year Three (1942)

Steve and Supergirl board a train out of Istanbul, where they end up running into Alexander Luthor. When their train suddenly crashes, both Steve and Supergirl are taken hostage by Hugo Strange. Steve is bound and caged while he watches Supergirl take on her clone, Power Girl. After joining forces, Power Girl rescues Steve and leads them all out of Strange's hideout. Steve then assists the Bombshells with the Siege of Leningrad.

Year Six (1945)

After calling upon the rest of the Amazons to come help in the fight against the invasion, Steve Trevor heads for Australia to assist Wonder Woman. He is taken out by Parallax and dies in Wonder Woman's arms.




  • Airplane
  • Fighter Plane[2]

  • Trevor was born in 5/9/1909.[1]



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