Quote1 I been too easy with you! You think I want folks thinking my wife don't know what's proper? Now put on y'r chain! Quote2
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The ambitious Captain Steve Trevor had been in the British Royal Air Marines less then two years, shipping out of Bristol on H.M.S. Disraeli, when an anarchist bomb ignited the gas cells of the airship. He was the sole survivor of the crew, having swum almost without strength to the beaches of a mysterious island inhabited solely by women: Amazonia.

He deceived the queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta, by pretending to a good man and gaining their confidence so that he could know their secrets. After he was rescued, he informed the government of his discovery. With the desire to conquer the island, the British Crown sent a squadron of both air and sea ships. The Amazons fought bravely, but were overtaken by the British military superiority and were almost all killed, including the Queen, and the rest of them were enslaved and kept on the island, which now belonged to the British Empire. At that moment, Trevor's right leg was injured in the skirmish and he had to walk using a cane. He also felt guilt over the slaughter of the Amazons, since his intention was only for the island to be taken over with little bloodshed

The young Princess Diana was about three when she was snatched away from Amazonia by the British soldiers. A few years after growing up in the streets of London, Diana was taken by Trevor into his Museum of Oddities which acted out Bible stories and was married to him. He was a cruel husband who took away her freedom, had sex with her without ever asiing about her consent, making her walk behind him with force and berating her for telling stories eulogizing the independence of women to their daughters.

Without her husband knowing, she eventually adopted the heroic persona of Wonder Woman, organizing resistance against Jack the Ripper and his men, in fact the cruel King Jack of England, a misogynistic man who suspended all women's rights and established a harsh patriarchy.

After discovering that Diana Trevor was the Wonder Woman, King Jack had her drugged, a plan in which Steve too evidently took a part in. Jack then decided to take her back to Amazonia in order to her her and the Amazonian as a slave. Trevor and others were given a new drug developed by the king in order to experiment it: the Distillate of Masculinity. The distillate was capable of suppressing all the feminine traces in a man, which the King considered inferior and a sign of weakness.

After drinking the potion, Stephen and other men developed enhanced stature and strength, as well as a great thirst for blood. He faced Wonder Woman, who stated that she had loved him, but the potion had driven him insane. After a difficult fight, he was defeated and killed when a kick by her made him land upon a bed of spikes.[1]


  • Enhanced Strength: Drinking the Distillate of Masculinity, Trevor developed enhanced stature and strength at a superhuman level.[1]



  • Missing Limb: Trevor lost his right leg during the British invasion of Amazonia.[1]



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