Steve Trevor is a colonel in the United States Air Force. He is a skilled pilot and a long time romantic interest to Wonder Woman. Steve Trevor is the son of a woman called Diana Rockwell Trevor. Steve’s mother had landed on Themyscira and helped the Amazons battle a large beast. Her bullet killed the beast, but her life was sacrificed. After her death, she had a proper Amazon funeral, and was one of the first to be considered an Amazon even though she was an outsider. Queen Hippolyta named her own daughter Princess Diana after the outsider hero.

Ares the god of was manipulated Colonel Trevor to bomb Themyscira and as he was nearing the island, he realised that by doing so, he would kill many innocents and his co-pilot, who was possessed by a demon fought with Steve and their plane plunged into the water. There, Diana dived in and saved him. She brought him back to the shores of Themyscira, and there she recognised the insignia on his jacket and she decided from there on that she was to fight against Ares.

Since then, Steve and Diana have become great friends. Steve Trevor like most romantic interest of superheroes is victim of kidnap a lot, as Wonder Woman has been forced to rescue him on numerous occasions.


Steve Trevors history was rewritten by the Flash in Flashpoint, radically different version of the DC Universe was created. In this timeline Steve Trevor has never had a relationship with Wonder Woman, instead it appears that he is in love with Lois Lane. Steve Trevor works in London where he is waiting to meet with Lois Lane but is attacked by Wonder Woman and her Amazon troops. Wonder Woman catches him by the neck with the Lasso of Truth and interigates him after he is temporarily able to resist the lasso's effects. He informs the Amazon Queen that he was hired to meet the leader of the resistance Lois Lane to extract her from New Themyscira because she has important tactical information for Cyborg who's amassing an army to stop the fighting between the Amazons and Atlanteans. It was unclear if he was captured or killed after is interigation.




Aviation: Colonel. Steve Trevor is a skilled pilot in the United States Air Force. He has flown various jets as well as some experimental aircraft.

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): is a skilled fighter as well as versed in various martials arts and boxing techniques

Leadership: Steve Trevor is a skilled commander able to command a squadron of jets.

Marksmanship: Trained in advanced marksmanship by the United States Air Force.

Military Protocol: thanks to years of training and military experience Steve Trevor is well versed in military protocol.



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