Steve Byers (b. December 13, 1979) portrayed Desaad on the series Smallville.

Pictured: Steve Byers as Desaad from the Smallville episode "Masquerade"

Work History

Acting Credits

Smallville 2001-2011 Desaad
     "Abandoned" November 12, 2010 Desaad
     "Masquerade" February 18, 2011 Desaad
     "Finale, Part I" May 13, 2011 Desaad
     "Finale, Part II" May 13, 2011 Desaad
Supergirl 2015- Tom
     "Call to Action" November 18, 2018 Tom
     "Rather the Fallen Angel" November 25, 2018 Tom

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