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Steve Englehart (b. April 22, 1947) is a writer.

Professional History

Steve Englehart's first ever work in comics was on Vampirella #10 for Warren Publishing as an artistic assistant to Neal Adams (March, 1971). The bulk of his earlier career however would be for Marvel Comics, where he would gain acclaim for his work on Captain America and The Avengers, as well as many other titles. Englehart wouldn't come over to DC until 1976, when he left Marvel over a dispute with then-editor Gerry Conway.

At DC Comics, Englehart wrote Justice League of America (Volume 1) (#139-146, 149-150), but is much more well known for his 8-issue run on Detective Comics (Volume 1). His work on Detective Comics #469-476, along with artists Marshall Rogers, Walt Simonson and Terry Austin would net him immense popularity. The work would later come to be known as Batman: Strange Apparitions, and is considered by many to be one of the most classic portrayals of Batman, influencing other creators to this day. Before these issues were even published however, Englehart moved to Europe for a comics hiatus, during which time he wrote his own novel, The Point Man.

He would return to Marvel in 1983, but wouldn't work for DC again until 1987. He also wrote for stints on Green Lantern (Volume 2) and Green Lantern Corps (Volume 1), which eventually spun into the line-wide Millennium crossover..

In 2005, he reunited Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin for a six-issue Batman miniseries, Batman: Dark Detective (Volume 1).

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