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Steve Mannion was born in New Jersey on September 5th, 1965. After being a lifelong NJ resident, Steve recently moved south and currently resides in the rugged mountains of Western North Carolina just outside of Asheville, enjoying his craft and the surrounding beauty that the area has to offer. The area welcomed him with open arms with an recent interview featured on the local ABC affiliate newscast:

Professional History

In 1994, Steve began to work in the professional comics field, securing a day job in DC Comics' bullpen and working on his own freelance projects at night. By 1998, Steve left DC to freelance full time and has been doing so ever since, which includes working on his creator owned title Fearless Dawn. Steve has drawn stories for Marvel, DC, Fantagraphics/Eros, Image, NBM/Papercutz, Asylum Press and Kitchen Sink, as well as covers for IDW, Marvel, and recently Legendary Comics. His last 4 installments of Fearless Dawn were successfully funded Kickstarters.

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