Steve Trevor-son is a researcher who helps Lois research the history of Metropolis. They discover information about the three founders of Metropolis, Jon Kent, Lutor and Paula von Gunther, who crossed the "black sea" after the "time of smoke and soot" to create the city. Trevor-son had been frequently visit Dr. Psykho's Palace of Sin, the last remnant of Lutor's criminal empire, where he became fixated with to the exotic dancer Diana, known as the "Blue Amazon". He became later appalled of Diana's abuse treatment under Psykho and tried to help her to escape, but was then taken prisoner by Psykho. Thereafter, Trevor-son then learned of the mysterious origins of Diana from Psykho, whom he had been trying to divine, and planned to torture Trevor-son in front of Diana unleash her memories. This was interrupted by the Cheetah, who is then subdued which Psykho finally learned of Diana's true origins with the the Amazons and the flying city Heaven. Seeing no use for Trevor-son, Psykho had him to be kill. Fortunately, however, Diana's love for Trevor-son broke her mental conditioning and became Wonder Woman, saving her lover in the process. Following Cheetah's defeat, Trevor-son departed with Diana to Heaven to repair the damages that was done by Cheetah, and providing the new gene stocks coming from Trevor-son to restore the Amazon's gene pool.



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