Col. Steve Trevor was an American Air Force pilot who crashlanded on Paradise Island and ended in the center of a conflict between the Amazons and Ares.

U.S. Air Force Colonel Trevor was leading a rookie pilot on her first flight over the Aegean Sea when they and a third pilot were both attacked by unfriendly aircraft. Steve lost both his rookie and his other pilot while taking down the enemy planes, and his own aircraft was damaged when he flew into the wreckage of the last enemy plane he shot down. By chance Steve spotted an island in the Aegean Sea that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere and took his plane down to land on it. Upon landing, Steve was chased by its residents, the Amazons, who were an all-women culture and eventually faced off against Queen Hippolyta's daughter Diana, who took him down and brought him into Hippolyta's chambers for questioning of any knowledge he had about the island of Themyscira. Realizing from the line of questioning that he was no threat, Hippolyta decided that one of the them should safely escort Steve back to his homeland, with a contest to be held among the Amazons to determine who should be worthy of that task. Diana wanted to be the one who will escort Steve Trevor back to America, but Hippolyta forbade her from doing so, feeling it was her duty as a mother to protect her daughter from the dangers of the outside world. Nonetheless, as Steve watched the contest, Diana took her place as a masked contestant and won her position as Steve's escort -- though at the cost of her fellow Amazon Alexa being slain by Persephone, who let loose Ares the god of war from his prison.

After Diana flew Steve back to America, he helped her track down Ares' whereabouts using his connections with the military's sophisticated surveillance technology, noticing that a number of violent incidents around the area of Greece and Turkey have increased since his release. However, while doing so, Steve made advances on Diana which she ended up avoiding until she walked out on him at a bar where he tried to get her drunk on tequila. Outside the bar, Steve and Diana were held at gunpoint by a gang of muggers who wanted Steve's wallet, but Diana protected Steve and fought off the gang until they ran. Steve tried to return the favor by taking on Deimos when he approached Diana, but was easily overpowered and flung out of the way. Diana ultimately defeated Deimos, but before she could extract any information from him with her magic lasso, Deimos turned to ashes, leaving behind his helmet and a medallion that Diana recognized as that of Tartarus, the underworld.

Diana and Steve travelled to Greece, where they find a militant stronghold comprised of members of the Cult of Ares. It is at this particular location where Ares was about to make a blood sacrifice that would open the doors to Tartarus in the hopes that its ruler Hades would break the iron bands that keep Ares from his godly power. Diana and Steve attempted to stop the sacrifice from taking place, but Ares summoned a couple of winged creatures to keep the two intruders at bay. Diana told Steve to stop Ares, but when Diana was overpowered by one of the winged creatures, Steve chose to save Diana instead, bringing her to a nearby hospital where she recovered, though now angry that Steve chose to save her. Steve told Diana that he believes the world is not worth saving if she is not part of it.

Diana and Steve then travelled to Washington, D.C., where Ares summoned his demonic hordes at the Lincoln Memorial to wage war with all mankind, hopelessly overmatched until they saw the Amazons arrive on shore in boats and winged horses. While Diana and the Amazons dealt with Ares and his army of undead Amazons fighting under his control -- which included Alexa, who clued her sister Artemis with a mystic chant that would break Ares' control over the undead Amazons -- Steve took off in the invisible jet to deal with destroying the missile that the President of the United States had launched before it reached Themyscira. Though Steve was perplexed when he launched rockets from the invisible jet at the missile and saw nothing flying toward it, he was more than surprised to find that the rockets themselves were also invisible, hitting and destroying their target. With Ares defeated and rejoined with his son in Tartarus, no longer in control of his demonic hordes that have now vanished, the Amazons returned to Themyscira, and Diana and Steve reunited at the Reflecting Pool after he came home succeeding in destroying the missile.

After a short return to Themyscira, Diana was reunited with Steve in America, who was showing her how she should act as a lady in her civilian disguise, when she and Steve noticed a scuffle going on between the police and a humanoid creature called the Cheetah. Diana scurried into action, transforming into the uniform of a superheroine that a little girl she befriended in the park calls "Wonder Woman". Steve told Diana to call him when she was going to be late.




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