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Steven "Steve" Dayton was Mento, a member of the original Doom Patrol that used a psychic helmet to fight crime. After failing to defeat Mister Nobody, he and the other members suffered mental breakdowns and were sent to a special home under the care of Josh Clay.

Steve Dayton joined Niles Caulder's first Doom Patrol in the mid-20th Century.

In 1958, Niles introduced Steve to Rita Farr, who had an accident that made her body malleable like elastic. The Chief suggested that Mento would be able to use his helmet to cure Rita's psychological condition to control her powers. However, upon working together, Steve and Rita developed a chemistry with one another and slept together, but the relationship ended when Steve peered into Rita's mind without permission.

Mento and the Doom Patrol would be put out of commission by Mister Nobody, driving them insane and into retirement.

Years later, in the present, the current residents of Doom Manor sought out the original Doom Patrol for a way to defeat Mister Nobody. Seemingly, they had not aged a day since Rita saw them in 1958. However, upon closer investigation, their appearances and their safehouse was all an illusion created by Mento to preserve their youth - they were in fact all elderly and mental unstable from their fight with Mister Nobody all those years ago.




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