Steve Dayton, also known as Mento, is an ally and enemy of the Doom Patrol.

Sometime between 2019 and 2031, Mento aided the Doom Patrol in stopping Robotman, whose upgrade system had gone haywire and caused him to evolve to the size of a planet called Planet Cliff. Mento used his psychic helmet to absorb Cliff's evolution system, but this caused his helmet to malfunction and evolve to psychically create the city of Goliath.

In the year 2031, when the Doom Patrol discovered that Mento was behind the mystery they were trying to solve, Mento, paranoid that Cliff would once again deform into Planet Cliff, went back in time to stop the problem in 2019.

However, when Mento arrived in Dannyland in 2019, he had lost all his memories, having forgotten why he went back in the first place, and joined the Doom Patrol.




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