Early Life

A relationship with a student, got Dr. Steven Hamilton kicked out of Metropolis University. He moved to Smallville and began selling meteor rocks to tourists, to support himself, while also studying the supposed effects of the fragments on people.[1]

Season One

In the fall of 2001, Dr. Hamilton was approached by Lex Luthor, who was curious about the effects also and offered to fund Dr. Hamilton's research.[1]

Season Two

A year later, Dr. Hamilton's constant exposure to the meteor rocks had began to affect his health. Knowing he'd die soon, he became desperate. He found out that Pete Ross had found a spaceship and stole it, desperatly trying to open it, before kidnapping Pete. However, his seizures became worse and killed him.[2]


  • Science: Dr. Hamilton was an experienced mineralogist and an expert on meteor rocks. He was able to use them to revive a plant, that was wiped out over a hundred years ago.


  • Illness: Years and years of exposure to Kryptonite resulted in a sort of allergic reaction, giving him life threatening seizures.



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