Champ Hazard was a Hollywood movie actor who was suddenly whisked away to the planet Rann by way of Zeta-Beam.

Rann's premier scientist Sardath felt that Rann's chosen protector Adam Strange deserved more time to spend with his family, so he forced him into retirement, and chose another Earthman to take his place - Champ. Arriving on Rann, Sardath gave Champ a crash course in Rannian culture, and Hazard was only too quick to assume the role of planetary protector. Adam Strange was shocked to see that he had been replaced. He accompanied Hazard on a mission to confront a Sandswarmer creature and was horrified at the sheer brutality that Champ exercised against the creature. When the two Earth men returned to the capital city of Ranagar they came to blows, with Champ referring to Adam Strange as a "relic". Distraught, Adam solemnly left Champ in a crowd of cheering Rannians.

Later, when the planet was overwhelmed by the mind-warping of Lady Styx, a likewise insane Hazard led her near-rabid new followers in an attempt to scour the land of the Lady's enemies. Hazard would come further into conflict with not only Adam Strange, but also Strange's allies Starfire and Animal Man. Although the three heroes eventually cleansed the planet of Styx' direct influence, they were unable to clear her from the minds of the people, and Lady Styx remained a religious figure on Rann in the people's hearts. It is unclear what role Hazard plays in the Holy War with Thanagar and Deacon Dark.



  • Arrogant and short-tempered, Champ's poor disposition makes him a loose cannon. [citation needed]



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