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Steven "Steve" Larson is Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, an energetic man with high enthusiasm about evil who was hideously transformed by Von Fuchs in the pursuit of superpowers and now commits crimes, while having to co-exist with his second dinosaur head, Denise, which has a mind of its own.


Steven Larson was a tourist in Paraguay who traveled to Fuchtopia, who hoped to gain superpowers through a specially designed machine built by Sturmbannführer Von Fuchs. However, he accidentally stayed in the machine for far too long and his body changed and mutated into an abomination.

After the process, Steven realized he didn't get the powers he wanted which was magnetic feet. Instead he got a crystalline left leg, a tree-like right arm and leg, a dinosaur head, specifically a velociraptor, protruding from his left shoulder, and a mineral-like area covering his chest.[1]

Villain Attempt

Steven used his new powers to rob a gas station, but it went utterly wrong after his raptor head attacked him and then he got knocked out by the store clerk. The disastrous robbery was broadcasted on the news and Steven Larson was dubbed Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, and was apparently the "Stupid Criminal of the Week".[2]

Later on, Steven was arrested and taken to a courthouse when a follower of Von Fuchs failed an assassination attempt on his life. Steven survived however, as the assassin shot him in the mineral areas which protected him from the gunshots.[3]


  • Unique Physiology: He has a crystalline left leg, a tree-like right arm and leg, and a dinosaur head protruding from his left shoulder.
  • Writing: Larson's dinosaur head wrote her own autobiography entitled My Side, which received glowing reviews.[4]


  • Power Instability: Steven is incapable of controlling the velociraptor head attached to his left shoulder. She is actually, herself, sentient and named Denise.[4]

  • Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man's dinosaur head is sentient and female. Her name is Denise.[4]


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