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General Steven "Steve" Trevor was an officer in the the United States Air Force with a long romantic history with Wonder Woman.

Trevor started off as Captain and quickly attained the rank of Lt. Col at the outbreak of World War II serving initially in the Army Air Corp as a pilot and later in Military Intelligence. It was on a spy mission for the United States that Lt. Col. Trevor lost control of his plane and flew over the mystical boundary protecting the legendary Paradise Island. Originally barely surviving an air attack -- later stories say he was lost and out of fuel -- Trevor crashlanded on Paradise Island. Investigating the crash, Trevor was found unconscious and near death by Princess Diana who is fascinated and almost immediately smitten with the handsome human male. Diana and her friend Mala carried him to the Amazon surgeon Althea to save his life, risking earning the wrath of Aphrodite by bringing a man ashore. Diana modified their mystical "Purple Healing Ray" to work on an average human and helped nurse Trevor back to health. Begging her mother Hippolyte to allow her to return Trevor to his homeland the Queen instead set a contest to select a champion to the outside world and Princess Diana wins the right to take Trevor home in her new identity as Wonder Woman, secretly finding work in the same office as Steve in the guise of Diana Prince, his boss General Darnell's secretary.

It would be as the often saved partner of Wonder Woman that Trevor would find his calling and true love over the years. While Trevor was an effective fighter against normal humans, he was clearly no match for villains who went hand to hand with a heroine who could throw tanks and rip bolted doors off their hings and move fast enough to deflect bullets. Trevor would continue to pursue his talents as an active military soldier over the years while he sought to woo his "Angel", the superpowered Amazon Princess. Eventually Diana would reveal her true identity to Trevor who noted with some bemusement why Diana Prince never retired or left him to advance her own career. Trevor and Diana would marry and have a daughter together.

In 1947 Steve was shot and killed by Slick Skeener, leader of the Sly Fox Mob. Di swiftly brought her lover to their reformed ally Paula von Gunter who was able to revive him using her modifications to the Purple Healing Ray due to the speed with which he was brought to her laboratory.[2]

At the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths, without a home of their own on the New Earth and their existence erased, Trevor accompanied his wife to live as minor god on Mount Olympus. He was spared the erasure and reformatting that resulted from the Crisis by advancing to Olympus but was forgotten and replaced by his succeeding counterpart in the new universe. But it was seen that they were effected for when the gods of Olympus reappear in the new universe the near infinitely powered gods have never known of them despite surviving the Crisis and joined them upon Olympus earlier.

Trevor was last seen in the Infinite Crisis seemingly now permanently faded from the current reality for all time.



  • As a highly trained top secret level operations agent of the United States government Trevor had access to a multitude of advanced equipment and weaponry that he could use for advanced field work for a vast range of effects.


  • Most of the advanced devices of transportation known to major science of the time and some exotic forms of transportation including Wonder Woman's invisible robot plane on occasion.


  • Usually shown with standard issue military firearms but at times would use advanced and experimental devices for offensive and defensive items.

  • This version of Steve Trevor, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • In the Pre-Crisis continuity, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor gave birth to a daughter named Hippolyta Trevor. Hippolyta (Lyta for short) became a member of the Earth-Two super-hero team, Infinity, Inc. In the Post-Crisis continuity, the war-time Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor were rendered apocryphal and Lyta's parentage was retconned to include Helena Kosmatos, the Golden Age Fury (her natural mother) and adovtive parents Miss America and her husband, Admiral Derek Trevor, effectively an analogue to Steve Trevor.
  • In early 1942, Steve Trevor was transformed into a mutant monster, but was soon restored to normal, with no lasting ill effects.[5]
  • Steve fought in World War II[6] and the Korean War[7].



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