Steve Trevor is an agent and later director of the D.E.O.

Around 1992, the six-year-old Steve Trevor washed up on Themyscira, after having lost his parents in a plane crash, where he was found by Princess Diana. Rather than informing the other Amazons, Diana kept Steve hidden for five years, as her secret boy.[1]

When Steve was discovered, Queen Hippolyta decided to take it upon herself to return him to his home and they departed the island together. As Steve didn't have anyone else, Hippolyta stayed with him for a time, until she disappeared. Sometime after that, Steve got to know and dated Lois Lane.[2]

By 2011, Steve had become recruited to the D.E.O., which would lead him to be reunited with both Lois and Diana.[1] After Director Bones died, Steve took over as director of the organization.[3]

  • Steve Trevor was born in 1986.[1]



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