Quote1.png Like the sea itself, Cyclops cares not for what happens to others! And Stingaree is the heart and brain of Cyclops. Quote2.png
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Stingeree was a villain that battled Metamorpho and Element Girl early in their careers.

Element Girl in particular took their rivalry personally, as she and Stingaree had been engaged to be married. But Stingaree had betrayed and discarded her, and was shocked that she would give up her beauty to gain elemental powers to fight him.

As the "heart and brain" of Cyclops, Stingaree has kept the organization extremely clandestine, and even a hoarder of knowledge like Simon Stagg believed that Cyclops were a myth, until he had actually met Stingaree in person. No one had an inkling of what Cyclops was actually up to; and it was only the betrayal of Urania Blackwell -- by Stingaree -- that caused their existence to become public.

As a leader, Stingaree was cold and calculating; setting demolition charges to flood much of the Netherlands in order to safeguard his secrets. Metamorpho and Element Girl attacked his under-windmill base and drew him out into the open, cutting off his poisonous tail -- at the cost of Element Girl's life. But the indifferent Stingaree showed no remorse for killing his ex-finance. [1]


  • Intimidation: The thugs in the Cyclops organization were terrified of failing or crossing Stingaree.
  • Leadership: As sole leader of Cyclops, Stingaree had total control of his organization.
  • Robotic Engineering: Stingaree created the Liquidator Robot which intercepted and destroyed invaders in his lair.
  • Stealth: Cyclops was an international criminal organization, and yet was virtually unknown.


  • Stingaree Costume: The suit was acid-proof; the helmet contained Infra-Photon Glass that filtered any and all wavelengths; and the prehensile tail had a stinger that injected "a chemical cocktail of the world's most potent elemental poisons, from lead, to arsenic, to chlorine, krypton, selenium and strontium."[1]
  • Universal Remote Control: A handheld device that hacked into the controls of nearby machines.


  • Hovercraft


  • The Liquidator Robot: Independent attack robot with Laser Arc, Steam Cutting Jets, and prehensile grabbing arm.
  • Sonic Canon

  • This version of Stingaree, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • Stingaree took his name from the aquatic sting ray and wore the ray symbol on his chest, though the final design of his costume bore a striking resemblance to pre-existing Marvel villain "The Scorpion"; created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.
  • The Liquidator Robot closely resembled Max Tremaine's robots, previously faced by Metamorpho in "The Junk Yard of Doom" from The Brave and the Bold #58.



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