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Quote1.png This is what I'd dream about. Me..a swashbuckling ass-kicking hero...wielder of ancient powerful magic...leaping between all the knowable planes of existence. Meting out cold, hard justice. This is absolutely something I would dream about...if I could. Quote2.png
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Stitch is a new student at Teen Titans Academy. They're the apprentice of Doctor Fate.[1]

Stitch was a magically animated rag doll that became apprentice to Doctor Fate and was sent to the Titans Academy by him in order to learn what it meant to be a hero. There they met Matt Price and became their roommate.[2]

At first Stitch wanted to sign up for the class president elections but didn't out of fear of being embarrassed. During a school fight, Stitch used their powers to save some of the students from collateral damage, which made them popular. Afterward, Stitch signed up for class president, an election that they ended up winning.[3]


  • Magic
    • Telekinesis: Stitch can move and manipulate objects at will. Stitch can also emit kinetic blasts.
    • Chlorokinesis: Stitch can create and manipulate flowers from thin air.
    • Astral Projection: Stitch can project multiple copies of themselves.
    • Telepathy: Can speak to others through their mind.
    • Invisibility: Stitch can generate an invisibility cloak that makes them imperceptible to the human eye, altough they can still be heard.[4]



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