Quote1.png Kanntawwt... Keetuk... Uhnnn... In the night, the rain comes down... In the great night my heart will go out... In the night there will be the sound of a man screaming... The man is my son... You guys had your shot... Now it's my turn. Quote2.png
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Stone was a Native American shaman who claimed to have lived for nearly 200 years.

He belonged to a group called the Animal Masters who, throughout history, have used the power to create animals against the power of Antagon.
While on a hunting trip with his father, Buddy Baker witnessed Antagon's cocoon crash into the ground nearby. Stone appeared, and attempted to destroy the cocoon using Buddy's latent connection to the morphogenetic field as a conduit. Unfortunately, Antagon survived and burrowed deep underground.
Twenty years later, Stone destroyed the totems of the life that Buddy had come to believe was his past. As Buddy's powers became increasingly affected by the call of Antagon, Stone attempted to gather together a new generation of Animal Masters including Animal Man, Vixen, B'wana Beast, and a woman called Tristess.
Unfortunately, B'wana Beast answers the call of Antagon, and becomes the entity's host, destroying all life he comes into contact with. Still, after much struggling on Buddy's part, Stone finally gathers the three remaining Animal Masters, along with Maxine Baker, Buddy's young daughter. Stone and his companions Arum and Krate summon Antagon, and the entity's evil destroys them. The younger generation of Animal Masters manages to trap Antagon within a new universe of their own creation, having learned to use their powers to full potential, thanks to Stone.



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