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StormWatch Zero was a subdivision of StormWatch, a strike team that did not survive its first mission.


StormWatch Zero was created by Weatherman Henry Bendix as one of many secret superhuman black ops teams. The team was dispatched by Bendix to a mysterious facility in a desert to steal research information and cripple illegal development committed by a supposedly rogue state. In reality, Bendix sent them to steal a bio-reactor extrapolated from Daemonite technology that served as a benign advance in medical technology made by the Americans. The bio-reactor defended itself in which it annihilated five of the seven member team; in which Bendix deactivated their teleporter devices and left them for dead for failing their mission. The surviving two members, Apollo and Midnighter, escaped and learned of Bendix's treachery. The survivors then decided to quietly and anonymously went on to try to fight for a better world under the radar.[1]


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