Ben Santini continues his story to Flint, of what happened in the Project Entry Universe.

Stormwatch: Team Achilles #13 is an issue of the series Stormwatch: Team Achilles (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2003. It was published on July 9, 2003.

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  • Dr. Offenberg (Flashback only)



  • Project Entry Universe

Synopsis for the 1st Story

Ben Santini continues his story to Flint, of what happened in the Project Entry Universe.

Santini and his allies fires at the psychotic post-human. However, the being is invulnerable to their bullets and manically tells them that he is responsible for the deaths in the city, but also everyone on the planet. And now with everyone dead, he realized that he shouldn't kill everyone immediately and want to kill more on the Black Razors' Earth for his sadistic pleasure. Santini decides to make a deal with him by bargaining their lives in exchange for giving him the opportunity to explore other universes through Project Entry, as long as he doesn't touch their Earth. The S.P.B. agrees with Santini's offer and leave for the time being. The rest of Santini's team are flabbergast of what he made with the S.P.B., but Santini subtly communicate them that the being is already hearing them and what he said was all a trick for his plan against the S.P.B.; in which he plans on leaving the being with a fake teleporting harness, complete with a bomb, and dumping him in Australia. While this is happening, Santini makes a deceptive plot against the being out-loud as the S.P.B. secretly overhears them.

Moments later, the S.P.B. receives his harness and is given a 'demonstration' of how it works. The S.P.B. tells that he overheard their "deception" and then fell for Santini's actual plan. Before entering the portal, the S.P.B. severely damage Santini's other knee and then unwittingly finds himself in Australia and his harness detonates in a massive explosion. Following this, Santini's team spent some time finding any other survivors on the Entry Earth, but discovering that there aren't any and yet notice that there aren't any other native signs of post-humans, which left Santini to wonder of the S.P.B.'s origins. He and the others eventually learns from this Earth's Washington, D.C. to discover a capsule previously belonging to the S.P.B. known as Devil, with its designation belonging to International Operations.

Santini report this back on his Earth in front of the Select Senate Subcommittee for Superhuman Affairs and accusing the United States government for indirect ties for the deaths on Entry Earth and with knowledge that Ivana Baiul is responsible for Project Entry's sabotage. However, the head of the Subcommittee Sonny Terns mockingly rejects Santini's accusation as the senator also has ties to International Operations and Devil, and that testifying this to the public would be fruitless. In so Santini's pursuit for justice became for naught.

In the present, Santini concludes to Flint that he only brought footage of Devil's heinous act to the UN and leaving out I.O.'s involvement. Though in the next few years, Santini did got back at Senator Terns.[1] Also Devil isn't dead and was only severely wounded. So currently Santini have been trying to find a way to permanently kill Devil. Flint then understands Santini's ulterior motive for telling his story to her and is wanting her to kill Devil because of her invulnerability. But Santini reply that there is no ulterior motive and that she can step out from battling Devil, and that he strongly believe in her for being an honest superhero who want to make a difference. Flint then agrees to fight Devil. Before entering the Entry Universe, Flint gives Santini a heartfelt kiss.

Flint finds herself in Nairobi, Kenya and meets Devil. Back on Stormwatch's Earth, Tefibi review with Santini over the theft at the Federal Reserve through hacking the Civil Defense Administration's database and reveals that over $200 billion in gold was stolen, which could mean that the absence of the non-U.S. currency signifies a global depression that is along the lines of the 1930s. Santini has Tefibi hack to the security footage of the robbery. In the footage shows the bodies of the deceased robbers, in which they suddenly rise up and kills Blake Coleman. Also disturbing is that the identities of the robbers were actually Reserve workers. Flint suddenly returns from completing her mission and along with bringing Devil's decapitated head.

Somewhere below Ohio, the mastermind of the Reserve robbery learns from his followers that Team Achilles is investigating the robbery. The man, identifying himself as Citizen Soldier, decide to accelerate the second stage of his plan.


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