"Goodnight, Goodnight, the Party's Over": At a Puerto Rico Independence rally in New York City's Bronx in 1972, the head of the movement, Ramon Emeterio Betances, is attacked by armed, masked men sent by International Operations. Ramon, an i

Stormwatch: Team Achilles #19 is an issue of the series Stormwatch: Team Achilles (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2004. It was published on January 14, 2004.

Synopsis for "Goodnight, Goodnight, the Party's Over"

At a Puerto Rico Independence rally in New York City's Bronx in 1972, the head of the movement, Ramon Emeterio Betances, is attacked by armed, masked men sent by International Operations. Ramon, an incarnation of Citizen Soldier, kills one of his assassins before he is promptly shot. Just as he lays dying he tells his murderers that he will be reborn.

In the present, Ben Santini and the American members of Team Achilles (including Jukko) are asleep on their feet, dreaming about Citizen Soldier's previous lives. Team Achilles are at Computouch, and the non-American members concludes that Citizen Soldier's connection with S.P.B.s is responsible for the dreams and they must kill it in order to free their incapacitated friends.

In 1934, Captain Peter Cassaday, another incarnation of Citizen Soldier, is brought before a group of wealthy industrialists, which includes a young Sonny Terns, in Washington, D.C. The industrialists have known about Cassaday's identity and the captain demands to know how do they know him and what do they want. The men explain that after reading a book on him written by Alexander Hamilton, they want to invite him to be the leader of a planned coup to overthrow the Roosevelt administration, which they are dissatisfied of its New Deal policy, and replaced it with a fascist government modeled after Nazi Germany with Cassaday prop up as their divine figurehead. Upon hearing this, Cassaday adamantly reject their offer and swear that he will kill them if they continue their conspiracy.

Back in the present, the awaken members of Achilles trek through the apparent abandoned building. Pickney takes lead and finds the S.P.B., the fetus-like creature Emoticon, in a tube broadcasting the dreams. Emoticon retaliates.

In the middle of the night of December 14, 1799, Vice President Thomas Jefferson is awaken from his bed and learns from Alexander Hamilton that George Washington is dying. Jefferson and Hamilton later arrived at Mount Vernon and meet Washington along with President John Adams and Marquis de Lafayette. The men gathered together in conducting a four-man magic ceremony, which they ensured that Washington's spirit continues to be reborn and look after the ideals of the United States of America. After the ceremony is finished and Washington finally passed away, Jefferson worryingly wonders that Washington's journey will be violent for the sake of preserving America's democracy.

In the present, Ivana Baiul contacts Jack Hawksmoor of the Authority, who are currently helping in maintaining the world's communication grid, in relinquishing his hold over America's spy satellites. Hawksmoor strongly refuses and hangs up. After losing Hawksmoor, Baiul wanted to use the satellites to find the whereabouts of Citizen Soldier. She then receives an anonymous text message which reveals the location of Citizen Soldier, prompting Baiul to send Giant to find him.

Back at Computouch, the members of Achilles are under the throes of Emoticon. Golovin, however, manage to activate a grenade and throw it at Emoticon, killing it and causing Santini and the other sleeping Achilles members to wake up. Team Achilles soon find Citizen Soldier, who peacefully surrender to them. Although his attack on Washington has failed, Citizen Soldier reveals that the stolen $200 billion gold reserve is spread amongst his 2,000 employees with new identities and will continue their revolution through their children, while hoping that in the future that the revolution would be more peaceful. As Santini tells Citizen Soldier that he will be incarcerated in suspended animation, Giant abruptly arrive and kill Citizen Soldier. Santini angrily chastise Giant for only allowing Citizen Soldier to spiritually escape; it turns out that Citizen Soldier was the anonymous tipster to Baiul. Giant tries to reassure Santini that he will tell Baiul about the time of Citizen Soldier's death and allowing her to execute several field teams in finding newly born male babies that are the possible reincarnation of Citizen Soldier. Knowing what Baiul would intend to do, Santini rebuke that she will kill every newborn babies in order to eliminate Citizen Soldier.

Twelve hours later, Santini and Flint confront President Kent and Baiul in the Oval Office through Project Entry, dumping two dead agents belonging to Baiul. Santini tells Kent that Team Achilles is tasked in finding the newborn incarnation of Citizen Soldier and that they will kill more of Baiul's people if they keep killing American-born babies. Furthermore, he warns the racist Kent that Flint will have the pleasure of killing him.

Meanwhile at a seaport at Long Beach, California, a container containing illegal Chinese immigrants is forcefully burst open. Among them is a newly born baby girl, who have star-shaped irises, telling her parents that they are welcome in America.

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  • Ramon Emeterio Betances is presumably based on Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, the leader of the Puerto Rican clandestine paramilitary organization FALN.
  • The 1934 conspiracy that sought to overthrow FDR is a reference to the Business Plot. Citizen Soldier's recruitment to the conspiracy is similar to U.S. Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler, who testified to Congress about the Business Plot after he was approached into serving the conspiracy. The fictional members of the conspiracy are based on the Business Plot's alleged members:
    • Gerald McGoser - Gerald MacGuire, an official of the Committee for a Sound Dollar and Sound Currency.
    • Prescott Kent - Samuel Prescott Bush, industrialist and entrepreneur, and the patriarch of the Bush political family. (Note: Prescott Kent is presumably an ancestor of President Patrick Kent, thus referencing the analogue between the real-life George W. Bush and Patrick Kent.)
    • Robert Starking Clonk - Robert Sterling Clark, heir to the Singer Sewing Machine fortune.
    • Lammot Dapint - Irénée du Pont, head of DuPont company.
    • John P. Rassof - John J. Raskob, financial executive and businessman for DuPont and General Motors, and builder of the Empire State building.

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