"Family Trademark": Gauserand de Montpesant de Molay is outraged over Giovanni Medici's death at Ben Santini's hands and Santini's request to bring him back to life. Santini coerces de Molay to revive Medici under threat of death including the present memb

Stormwatch: Team Achilles #21 is an issue of the series Stormwatch: Team Achilles (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2004. It was published on April 14, 2004.

Appearing in "Family Trademark"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Giant
  • Giovanni Basilio Medici (Dies)
  • Gauserand de Montpesant de Molay (Dies)


  • Juan Jose Camino Santiago Javier Marticorena y Cajal (Dies)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Family Trademark"

Gauserand de Montpesant de Molay is outraged over Giovanni Medici's death at Ben Santini's hands and Santini's request to bring him back to life. Santini coerces de Molay to revive Medici under threat of death including the present members of the Priory of Scion. de Molay does so for the sake of Medici and he succeeds in reviving him. Afterword, Santini then informs de Molay that his "friend" is associated with the Knights of Malta, the enemy of the Priory and Christ's bloodline. Medici panic and pleas to de Molay that he is only to help him to spy on the Maltese, but only to the angered heir to take his life away by absorbing his life force and leaving him a shriveled skeleton. De Molay then question anyone in his society if any of them are traitors like Medici. Santini provide him with Avi Barak in helping identifying some of the members of the Priory to be traitors. In short order de Molay elminates them. De Molay then apologize Santini for everything earlier and gaining new trust from him and Team Achilles. Santini likewise apologize and for doubting him. As de Molay knows that he must retreat to safer grounds, Santini question as to what Team Achilles' employment for him. De Molay answers that Team Achilles will be offer permanent employment if they accomplish in killing his brother, another heir of Christ.

Together, Santini and Khalid Tefibi leave the restaurant and discuss what happened. It is reveal that the "traitors" revealed by Barak were really the most loyal followers of de Molay as Santini wanted to isolate and control de Molay and that he couldn't trust him nor the Priory for controlling the world behind the scene. Despite de Molay as the descendant of Jesus Christ, Santini sees him as not a divine being but another S.P.B. who and his family had been manipulating humanity for the past millennium. So Santini plans to have de Molay work for Team Achilles.

The next morning, Santini, Flint, Galena Golovin, Charles Pickney, and Tefibi spies on the impenetrable island home of de Molay's brother, Juan Jose Camino Santiago Javier Marticorena y Cajal. As explains by Tefibi, y Cajal is not actually de Molay's brother but a distant cousin in which their family bloodline divided in 1415 after the Battle of Agincourt, which explains the between de Molay and y Cajal to be an ancient family blood feud. Seeing no other way to breach the island, Santini then plots on bringing y Cajal out to the open by arranging a "family get together".

Santini and Tefibi meets with de Molay and explains their plan that Marticorena y Cajal must be drawn out by having de Molay baiting himself in the open. De Molay agrees and Santini arrange a faked filmed hostage of de Molay, giving out instructions for Marticorena y Cajal. Tefibi deliver the tape through the Doge's Palace's letterbox as per instructed by Santini. Gaining attention of the religious authority and subsequently allowing y Cajal listening to Santini's demands. Tefibi returns to Santini to inform this development, but interrupting Santini's moment with Flint. After a awkward moment, Tefibi tells him of the news.

The next day, it is Carnival as Santini, Flint, and Tefibi are dress in Venetian costume to meet Marticorena y Cajal at St. Mark's Square, while Golovin and Pickney are in sniper position on St. Mark's Belltower. After meeting y Cajal, Santini ask him as to why de Molay wants him dead. Y Cajal explains that each generation of the Merovingian family, one male is born with the power of Christ, halving that family's power until the father's dies. When England invaded France during the Hundred Years' War, the Merovingian family became split when two heirs were born and each with half the power of Christ. Since that time, the Merovingians and their enablers, the Priory of Scion, have sought to y Cajal's family in order to concentrate that power within one person, which is currently de Molay. At present, de Molay's purpose for wanting y Cajal's death is due to the fact that de Molay's father had died and passed his powers to de Molay, making him twice as powerful; furthermore, without any sons from either de Molay nor y Cajal, and given the current Pope's poor health, it is a perfect time for de Molay to absorb y Cajal's power, possibly assimilating the Holy See, and finally unifying the world's Christian faith as natural heir to Christ. Y Cajal cannot allow this to happen as it would be disastrous for mankind. Hearing this, Santini brings out a tied and gagged de Molay, and gives y Cajal the chance to kill his cousin. Surprisingly, however, y Cajal refuses and choose to only want him release and far away from him. Reasoning with a quote from the Gospel of Matthew before leaving among the crowds.

After y Cajal left, the captive de Molay is reveal to be a disguised Alias. Santini decides not to kill Marticorena y Cajal and believes he is good due to not desiring to kill de Molay and valuing his heritage. And that working with de Molay is not worth expecting. Santini and his team meet with de Molay, who expects the news of y Cajal's death, and questions the real reason he wants his cousin's death. De Molay explains his obvious reasons as he wants y Cajal's power back and that y Cajal himself is misusing his powers for his intentions to become an absolute god. Santini then puts out the same ruse with Alias as he did with Marticorena y Cajal, but de Molay is not fool by this as he can sense the real Marticorena y Cajal, who is now present and nearby. Santini then realizes that y Cajal's generosity is all faked and is manipulating Achilles. He attempts to call Pickney and Golovin to spot and kill y Cajal, but the ringing bells of the bell tower is nullifying the snipers of what Santini is saying to them. Y Cajal suddenly appears behind de Molay and kills him, absorbing his powers. Team Achilles goes on the attack on y Cajal but proven effortless as his powers is completely whole. In the process Flint is blast by the heir. As y Cajal gloats over a defenseless Santini, a man in a suit suddenly punch his fist through y Cajal's chest and holding out his heart. The man then reveal himself to a stunned Santini to be Giant, who is now working for a big corporation and going by his new alias "Hallibastard".


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