"Planting Roots": After the death of Marticorena y Cajal caused by Giant who now calls himself "Hallibastard", Team Achilles are already expose to the public. Ben Santini orders his team to leave through the Project Ent

Stormwatch: Team Achilles #22 is an issue of the series Stormwatch: Team Achilles (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2004. It was published on May 12, 2004.

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Synopsis for "Planting Roots"

After the death of Marticorena y Cajal caused by Giant who now calls himself "Hallibastard", Team Achilles are already expose to the public. Ben Santini orders his team to leave through the Project Entry Universe. Jukko Hämäläinen and Jaeger Weiss helps an injured Flint through an Entry portal while Santini and Khalid Tefibi puts the bodies of Marticorena y Cajal and de Molay through in order to keep anyone from studying them. Hallibastard then informs Santini that he came to see him as Ivana Baiul want a meeting between her and Team Achilles by giving her calling number. Santini reply that he will call Baiul before deliberately leaving Hallibastard to stall the arrival of The Authority.

Santini arrives to a headquarter called Magnetic North, which he tells Weiss that it belongs to someone who Santini wants to buy the place from him. He meets with the other members of Achilles and find themselves amusingly watching a television news of Giant's ordeal with The Authority. Santini also learns from them that Flint and Alias are recuperating in a sick room monitored by Marie Grunier. He checks up on them and receive good news from Grunier that Flint and Alias will soon recover and return to action. Santini returns to the main room with Tefibi and Avi Barak to meet the owner of Achilles' new headquarters. Tefibi immediately recognizes him as Colm Hardy, a self proclaimed science hero called The Magneteer, and he is an instant fan of him. Santini bargains with Hardy for the price of Magnetic North and manage to arrange this by sharing Hardy the technical diagrams for Project Entry. In which Hardy is given the deal to improve Project Entry and remain an open consultant with Tefibi. Santini then has Weiss accompanying him to a meeting at the Vatican Church.

Santini and Weiss meets Cardinal Torquemada for another financial arrangement in exchanging the blood and hair samples of the deceased heirs of Christ for sixty-six billions in euros in deposit. After the exchange, Santini and Weiss are met by Baiul and Hallibastard. Baiul reveals that she survives The Authority's purge when she escaped after President Kent's death and is now working for Hallibusker Construction. On behalf of her new employers, she offers Santini and Team Achilles in saving and liberating lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Santini takes the job and debriefs his team: Hallibusker Construction was providing new jobs and tax money for the shaky new Congolese government over the mining of cobalt. But two weeks ago, the Hallibusker mining base went silent and over two million people living in the region mysteriously disappeared, including Hallibusker-hired mercenaries that followed afterwards. Santini had sent in an advance team consisting Buzz Dixon, Jukko, Galena Golovin and Charles Pickney; all of whom were lost contact. Now he has Achilles to go on a full frontal assault.

Achilles travels to the Project Entry Universe and are shocked to find what appears to be living people constructing a pyramid in the Entry version of the Congo. The group soon find Jukko, who tells them the advance team was overwhelmed and captured by people who are already dead and led by their once considered deceased enemy, Baron Chaos.


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