"Tending Shoots": Three hours ago. Ben Santini has his advance team compose of Jukko Hämäläinen, Buzz Dixon, Galena Golovin, and [[Charles Cottsworth Pinckney (Wildstorm Universe

Quote1 Think of it this way: a bunch of cavemen see some yuppies race past their campfire in a Hummer 2. Over the next year, they build a covered wagon. It's a lot of labor and it's not fast as a Hummer, but they're a hell of a lot more mobile than the other cavemen. Most importantly, we cavemen built our covered wagon from scratch, whereas those Authority yuppies bought their Hummer and do not have the means to reproduce a new Hummer if they blow a rod or break an axle. And those Yuppies desperately rely on that Hummer. Quote2
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Stormwatch: Team Achilles #23 is an issue of the series Stormwatch: Team Achilles (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2004. It was published on June 9, 2004.

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Synopsis for "Tending Shoots"

Three hours ago. Ben Santini has his advance team compose of Jukko Hämäläinen, Buzz Dixon, Galena Golovin, and Charles Pickney to scout the region of the Hallibusker Construction mining base. As the advance team prepares to enter the Entry Universe to cross over to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Buzz inquire Santini of whether everyone in the Entry Universe is really dead.

Four weeks ago. Deadhead guides Sonny Terns and another inmate to a dead beach whale and revived it to use it to travel off their Caribbean island prison. Terns has Deadhead to guide the whale to North America. In a week later, the trio reaches the coast of America as Terns knows a way get back to their Earth.

Meanwhile on the Authority's Carrier, the Engineer and Jack Hawksmoor checks on a recuperating Kemeny Zsigmond von Chaos (aka Baron Chaos) who had been taken for medical care after the Authority found him in Romania.[1] Both Jack and the Engineer want to question Baron Chaos on the whereabouts of Team Achilles, but find him not fully recovered. As the two left Baron Chaos, he suddenly wakes up. He wonders the corridors of the shift-ship vowing revenge until being found by a nurse. Chaos covers his face from being seen of his true visage, but the nurse, named Mandy, mistakes him for a survivor of Florida and helps him to be dress and sent back to Earth. They teleport in New York City and Chaos is given the needed necessity provided by Mandy before the two separate on good terms. Chaos later goes to the Romanian embassy and suited back into his armor.

Two weeks ago in the Entry Universe, Deadhead has been commanding an undead army in removing the blocked debris from the entrance of the Washington Memorial. Sonny Terns states that like in their Earth, underneath the memorial is a rescue bunker. After clearing the entrance, Terns and Deadhead enters the bunker and find computer equipment complete with a wormhole spy camera that monitors their Earth (in which Terns reveals this was the reason that his government had sent Devil into killing everyone in the Entry Universe).[2] With this Terns is able to contact Deadhead's allies into forging an alliance with his associate, Baron Chaos.

Thirteen days ago. Baron Chaos is met by Deadhead's ally Jumpmaster and agrees with him on the knowledge and situation in the Entry Universe. In which Chaos intends for an attack on Team Achilles.

Three hours ago. Golovin and Pickney enters the Entry Universe but couldn't find a exit portal to the Congo. Pickney then noticed something and signals Golovin to what he sees. Elsewhere, Buzz and Jukko likewise find an absent exit portal. Jukko later feels and detect two people over yonder and suspects them to be missing members of the mercenaries hired by Hallibusker. He and Buzz rush over to only find Deadhead with an army of undead mercenaries and the unconscious forms of Golovin and Pickney.


  • This was the final issue published of StormWatch: Team Achilles. Issue #24 was solicited, but canceled after it was revealed that writer Micah Ian Wright had lied about his military service. The team would not reappear until 2009 as part of the World's End backup stories.


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