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Stormwatch Post Human Division was a New York City branch of Stormwatch created by Jackson King in teaching the NYPD how to tackle super-crime on a budget.


P.H.D. mostly consisted of exempted ex-supervillains or persons with affiliation with the criminal underworld. They fought off an infiltration by the Daemonite Lord Defile, but they made an enemy: a Russian superhuman crimelord known as the Walking Ghost was targeted by them, and he responded by having his underlings blow up their headquarters at the NYPD 18th Precinct. The group brought him down, and then moved into temporary accommodation in StormWatch's New York headquarters. They were still present when the Number of the Beast Program short-circuited, leading to the event known as World's End. The team members are mostly still active, but with nothing to tie them to the city, they have gone their separate ways.

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