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Quote1.png Believe me... if you knew half of the crap I know, you'd understand why I party every night like it's the end of the world. Quote2.png
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Stormy Knight was the third Phantom Lady for the Freedom Fighters. She had no apparent relation to the original.


The beautiful daughter of the late Senator Henry Knight, Stormy Knight could have settled for the comfortable life of a debutante, but instead decided to pursue the more exciting life of a superhero.


With her Black Light Bands granting her intangibility (among other powers), she took on the mantle of Phantom Lady, which had been left vacant by the death of Dee Tyler and enlisted with S.H.A.D.E., run by Father Time (with whom she was apparently previously acquainted). She began her career guarding Bludhaven, which had just been hit by Chemo, causing a number of its inhabitants to mutate.

Though not particularly impressed with some of her teammates, like the simple minded Bigfoot or the misogynistic Major Force, Stormy served well enough that she was moved to S.H.A.D.E.'s semi-black ops unit. Though she projected the image of a spoiled, vacuous princess, Stormy was secretly watching S.H.A.D.E.'s actions on her father's behalf. Unfortunately, Father Time found out and had Senator Knight covertly killed and replaced by Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard.

Freedom Fighters

Sent to capture Uncle Sam, Stormy and her teammates ended up joining him, and helped him to rescue Firebrand. They later recruited John Trujillo, the latest incarnation of the Black Condor, after which point Uncle Sam revealed to Stormy that her father was dead and being impersonated by Gonzo. When she later found out that this was true, Stormy was devastated and combined with manipulation by a fake Miss America, this led to her having trouble accessing her powers, though she overcame this with help from the Black Condor, and later joined the reorganized Freedom Fighters.

Recently, Stormy has suffered from a serious drinking problem, and has been sequestered in the Heartland for rehabilitation. where Uncle Sam tells her she won't leave until her habit has been kicked. Stormy later slits her wrists, but is found in time by Doll Man. Miss America removes all the toxins from her systems, allowing her to recuperate better.

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