Streaky is Supergirl's pet cat.

Fiercely devoted to her owner, Streaky has a lively temper and a strong dislike of dogs, including Krypto.

Originally an ordinary Earth tabby cat, his life changed when Supergirl, looking to create a cure for Kryptonite poisoning, developed a K-isotope called X-Kryptonite. Streaky stumbled upon the piece of rock and gained temporary powers every time he touched it, as well as human-like intelligence. Streaky hid his power source inside a yarn ball in the basement of the Danvers' household and joined in her owner's adventures as her pet sidekick.

Nearly one year later, Supergirl started to be haunted by the ghosts of Argo City and called Mystery, Inc. to help her out. Streaky wasn't happy with a dog barging into his home and decided to chase him out. In the ensuing chase, Supergirl and the Scooby Gang found his piece of X-Kryptonite and the Danvers finally figured out the origin of his powers. Streaky still didn't want a dog around, but he and Scooby-Doo managed to put aside their differences and team up to protect Kara's secret identity when it was revealed the "ghosts" were a ploy of Nasthalthia Luthor to discover and expose Supergirl's secret identity.


Unique Physiology: Streaky gains Kryptonian-like powers when he is exposed to X-Kryptonite. So far he's displayed the next ones:


This version of Streaky first appeared in Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #37 by Sholly Fisch and Dario Brizuela and is an adaptation from the original Streaky created by Otto Binder and Jim Mooney which first appeared in Action Comics #261.




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