The Street Demonz were a criminal biker gang that operated in Gotham City.
Street Demonz

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Street Demonz
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Dallas; Skorp
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The Street Demonz were a criminal biker gang that operated in Gotham City.

One of the oldest gangs in Gotham, the Demonz were already active as a small gang during Bruce Wayne's early teenage years. The Demonz had an organized system of recruiting young members for their gang and over the years, they expanded their activities to include not only vandalism and theft, but also drug trade.[1]

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After the evacuation of Gotham, the Street Demonz became loyal to the Penguin and allowed him to use their hideouts as arms cache.[2]


The Street Demonz are among the many gangs working with Penguin during the Pax Penguina.[3] During No Man's Land, the Street Demonz took control of Gotham City Chinatown, where they came under attack from the Riddler, who was mind controlled by Nyssa al Ghul at the time.[4] Her goal was to cause a gang war between Penguin and the Street Demonz, leading to a attack on Cobblepot at Gotham City Hall.[5]


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