The Strength Force is a cosmic force based around gravity and the force of motion.


The Strength Force is a cosmic force based around gravity and the force of motion.[1]

During his time in the 25th Century, Hunter Zolomon studied the history books there and discovered that the Speed Force and its negative weren't the only cosmic forces in the multiverse. [2] These other forces lay dormant due to a "Force Barrier". Zoom manipulated Barry Allen and Wally West into running fast enough to break said barrier, which allowed Zolomon to tap into the Speed, Sage, and Strength Forces.[3]

Conduits of the Strength Force obtain radically enhanced strength and durability. It also boasts a geokinetic/geothermic component as it often wreathed the users body in stone or fiery rock, as well as caused the earth to shift at their beck and call.[4] The Strength Force grants its conduits powers by striking them from below the earth's surface and imbuing them with its energy.[5]

Commander Cold mentioned some of the specifics of the Strength force revolve around Gravity and the Force of Motion, causing a sharp increase in physiological mass and density within the affected subject.[6]

Resulting in an increase of physiological muscle mass and bone density within the subject, as was the case with Trickster when he was first taken into the strength force itself.[7]


Powers bequeathed by the Strength force revolve around gravity, density and mass shifting; all of which revolving around the Force of Motion. Through it, the user can change their relativity in relation to its strength output.[8]

Essentially learning to change and alternate aspects of themselves by increasing/decreasing gravitomic inception.[9]

Making an avatar or anything they choose to affect as infinitely heavier, tougher, denser and/or muscularly more robust.[10] Using it on oneself causes a sharp increase in size alongside muscular density in the chosen host. Making them bigger, stronger and next to invulnerable.[11]

The only drawback being when they apply their power to other bodily attributes, such as feats of strength, they lose a bit of their physical imperviousness.[12]

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