The Strigydae are the high priests of Barbatos on Prime Earth working to bring their "Bat God" from the Dark Multiverse into the prime Multiverse.


Their job is to complete the "mantling" of the "wagon" to bring their master to the prime Multiverse from the Dark Multiverse. After the Court of Owls helped progress the mantling in Bruce Wayne, the Batman, by infecting him with the five heavy metals: Electrum, Dionesium, Promethium, Nth Metal, and Batmanium, they awakened the Strigydae to read the ancient rites. Upon doing so, they had their prey become the doorway by which Barbatos entered Prime Earth, bringing with him his Dark Knights who seemingly killed not only the Owls, but also had the Batman Who Laughs' Robins cannibalize at least some of the Strigydae.[1]

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