Strobe was a criminal, who had stolen an experimental suit.

Strobe used it to rob an armored car and got away with half a million dollars. Wanting fame, he had told the guards of the armored car to make sure to remember his name for the newspaper. While he was listening to the news on the radio, the newsreader transitioned from talking about Strobe, to talking about the Atom. Angered that the media regarded the Atom, who lived two states away, a bigger deal than him, Strobe decided to take him out and show everyone that he was the top story.[1]

Strobe traveled to Ivy Town and attacked Ray Palmer at a friend's house. The two battled, while Strobe was trying to catch the attention of nearby reporters. The Atom shrunk down and crawled into Strobe's armor, where he messed with the wires. The suit caught fire and Strobe surrendered. Afterwards, Strobe was taken into custody and sent to a hospital.[1]

Strobe while in prison heard from his cellmate Marcos that he had a uniform and a sword stored away at a friend's place. Out on bail, Strobe looked up Marcos's friend who was watching his stuff. Strobe gave an excuse to view the gear and gave the power sword a try, splitting a chair in half. Marcos's friend tells Strobe that she'll tell Marcos what was happening. Strobe then whacks her with the power sword leaving her unconscious. Later, Strobe appears at the laboratory on Alpheus Hyatt's property where Ray Palmer was staying. Calling himself Edg the Destroyer he attacks the Atom and Paul Hoben. Edg finds a gas bomb on his uniform and sets it to go off leaving the Atom and Paul for dead. Edg then appears on the WIVY newsroom studio floor stating the he killed the Atom and that he is charge of Ivy Town now. The Atom and Paul show up at the WIVY studio and end Edg's dream of conquest.[2]

Strobe returns again to battle the Atom this time he is disguised as an Ivy Town General Hospital orderrly. The friend of Marcos who Strobe whacked with a Power Sword in Power of the Atom #12 was in the Ivy Town General Hospital in a coma. The Atom was sent to enter her (microscopically) and repair various blood vessel damage near the brain. When the others left the room, Strobe as a hospital orderly began to brag to the comatosed victim. The Atom who was finished with his mission and was leaving the victim through her mouth heard the bragging of Strobe. The Atom increased in size and defeated Strobe once again.[3]





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