Struges Hellstrom was a former stuntman and special effects technician in Hollywood, most notable for his work in horror films. He was eventually fired for petty thievery on a film set. A year later, he relocated to Gotham City, where he started an alliance with Nocturna. The pale lady came up with the idea of creating Nightmares, Inc.; a scare-for-hire party service, which was run by Hellstrom as he created harmless terror scenarios as entertainment for parties, while his associates examined the house, looking for specific places to steal. After their performance, Hellstrom, who adopted the alias of Nightshade, and his associates would rob the place they had examined earlier.

Their act went smoothly and Hellstrom agreed to give more than half of the profits to Nocturna, who was merely using him. When Hellstrom realized of the truth, he tried to confess his love for her, but she refused and ended their partnership. Hellstrom continued Nightmares, Inc. on his own and his activities drew the attention of Batman. During a confrontation with the Dark Knight, Nightshade was killed by The Night-Slayer, who was none too pleased to learn about Nightshade's infatuation with Nocturna.




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